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The Block Recap Episode 49: The secret Gnome is played at the Front Yard and Facade Reveals

"Steph and Gian have played a game... hard."

It’s episode 49 of The Block and time for the Front Yard and Facade Reveals and both the stakes and the drama are at an all-time high. But before we get into that, here’s what happened during the episode.

Prior to the judging segment, all of the teams except for Leah and Ash were aware that Leslie and Kyle sold their gnome to Gian and Steph. It was Liberty and Eliza who were particularly concerned that Leah and Ash would feel blindsided that it was revealed at the judging.

The Block. Nine.

On their final night, it started pouring rain, which was a major setback for painting and threw most of the teams off. While some got up early in the morning to finish off, Kristy and Brett couldn’t be bothered repainting the back of their entry door.

The weather cleared up and Scotty Cam arrived to call “tools down” for the final time this season.

At the judging panel, Leah and Ash and Steph and Gian were neck and neck most of the way through, however, unbeknownst to Leah and Ash, their competitors had a secret gnome.

The Block. Nine.

When it came to the final scores, both couples played their bonus point and Leah and Ash were left shocked, annoyed and worried that it would jeopardise their chances at winning the Ford Mustang.

“Look, Steph and Gian have played a game… hard,” Leah told the camera.

However, the exchange ultimately didn’t matter, As Leah and Ash won, and took home the new car as the prize.

Room Reveals

Steph and Gian

Steph and Gian’s stunning front garden left the judges impressed with their meticulous Details. They said they couldn’t help but feel joy when they walked through the front gate.

However, they weren’t so impressed with the limited lighting in the hallway but said, overall, they did an amazing job this week.

Leah and Ash

The garden and facade of House No.2 received high praise from the judges. They were impressed by the choice of colors, the fence, plants, and painting.

Upon entering the house, they were very happy about how everything seamlessly blended together, especially the grand staircase that wowed the judges.

Kristy and Brett

The judges said this week’s effort by Kirsty and Brett was impressive. The choice of plants was excellent and a significant improvement compared to last week for the couple.

The space was highly functional. Marty observed that House No.3 is highly livable and would attract a wide range of buyers.

Kyle and Leslie

The judges loved the turntable in front of Kyle and Leslie’s house, a great first impression. They weren’t massive fans of the grey colour of paint on the outside of the house, which was actually Scotty Cam;s suggestion.

Walking into the house it all made sense for the judges now, especially the living room wall gone. They said that Kyle and Leslie delivered a beautiful and warm house. 

Eliza and Liberty

The judges were impressed with the grand entrance, and were particularly fond of the timber garage and facade, as well as the choice of plants.

House No.5 was deemed a stunning and fantastic family home by the judges.


Leah and Ash took out the win and received the highly coveted Ford Mustang as the prize.

Kyle and Leslie8
Leah and Ash9.5
Kristy and Brett8.5
Steph and Gian9.5
Eliza and Liberty8

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