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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 3: Leah and Steph continue their rivalry and secrets are hidden

"It's chaos, to be honest"

It’s episode three of The Block 2023 and the first rooms are well and truly underway. While the paint is being splashed and rooms are coming together, tensions become sky-high between Leah and Steph.

With six days to go in the first week, our Blockheads are only now coming to terms with the early wake-up calls and late-night, ahem… hammering.

Leah and Foreman Keith. Nine

Here are the highlights from episode two of The Block Australia 2023.

Steph cannot read house plans and Leah breaks down

Over in House 5, Eliza and Liberty’s parents are extremely sceptical about them being on the show, which to be honest, is too little too late because LOL. They’re already there.

While they’ve been upfront about their lack of reno experience, it turns out House No.1’s Kyle and Leslie also have zero experience…which is hilarious because why do these people go on this show?!

Meanwhile, House No. 4’s Steph, who is an ~ArChiTecT~, struggles to read the plans. Given that she literally does this for a living, it knocks her confidence square in the face.

Then, Leah delivers the first tears of the season, crying to her mum that The Block is “harder than it looks on TV”.

Leah and Ash. Nine

Leah and Ash decide to do a curved roof which has never been done before…however, unbeknownst to them, Kyle and Leslie are also doing a curved roof.

Unfortunately, Foreman Keith says it’s a terrible idea and suggests to House No. 1’s builder to push back on the “impossible” task.

Steph and Gian are still on struggle street, realising that the height of their roof is off, which will impact their stairs but are determined to go for the all-important ‘waterproof Wednesday’, aka Block lore.

“It’s chaos, to be honest,” Foreman Dan says, worried about the “shambles” that is Steph and Gian’s team.

Keith and Dan pull Steph aside who assures them she’s on top of it, but she ain’t.

Leah and Kristy form an alliance

Meanwhile, Leah and Kristy have decided to become the mean girls of the season, gossiping about Steph and her decision not to share the price of her bedhead.

“Steph wouldn’t tell me where she got it from or how much it was,” Kristy says as Leah was positively outraged.

Kristy and Leah. Nine

But alas, all is not what it seemed as footage reveals Steph not only telling Kristy how much she paid for it but also telling her she hopes she decides to use it too! DRAH-MA!

Defending her actions in a piece to the camera, Kristy says: “I would suggest that there are two different versions of Steph. One’s on camera, and one’s off camera. And it’s very different conversations that you’re having at both points.” Oop!

Who makes it to Waterproof Wednesday?

While insulating their home is “hell”, Eliza and Liberty push through, making Waterproof Wednesday, as do Kyle and Leslie and Kristie and Brett.

Leah and Ash, on the other hand, narrowly miss out while Steph and Gian don’t even come close. Plus they realise they’re “alienated” from their neighbours. What a ride!

The Block airs on Sunday at 7:00pm and continues Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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