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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 6: More tears as a Body Corporate is called to discuss #NickGate

Leah and Ash v Steph and Gian

It’s episode five of The Block 2023 and Studio week gets underway!

The good news is, the bathrooms have already been completed after some serious tears and drama. The best news though?! These renovated additions will serve as the lush homes our Blockheads can stay in during their ~jOurNeY~.

The morning after the judging

It’s the morning after the judging and Leah is fuming after the judges called her bathroom “half-baked”. It’s not half-baked, goddamn it! It was a bloody work of art!

Meanwhile, her arch nemesis Steph and her husband, Gian, have now found new builders. The catch? They can only stay onsite for two weeks. Lol.

steph and gian the block 2023
Steph and Gian with their builder. Nine

While this is already drama of epic proportions, Ash is furious that Steph’s dad Nick helped them and broke The Block rules, working without being paid or inducted. 

Ash then calls a body corporate meeting but before the blessed affair, he runs into Steph and Gian at the McCafe telling the shocked pair why the meeting was taking place.

Whether it was a breach or not, Steph feels she is being attacked.

The Body Corporate

Unsurprisingly, Leah runs the Body Corporate and tensions rise with Kyle accusing Leah of talking over everyone.

“No one talks to me like that,” she says.

After the heated discussions, Steph and Gian promise to make amends by paying Nick and promise that next time he will be inducted…but most of the other couples are still P**SED.

the block 2023 body corporate meeting
The Body Corporate meeting. Nine

There’s a clear group divide

Kyle and Leslie get a surprise after their Week 1 reveal win when they arrive at Scotty’s house in Gisborne. They are joined by avid Block buyer, Danny Wallis

While they’re living it up on vacay, Steph is in tears — again — when she realises she has to find a third builder. To make matters worse, when she goes shopping with Liberty and Leslie, they run into Kristy and Leah and a clear divide among the women is formed.

The Block airs on Sunday at 7:00pm and continues Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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