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The Block Recap Episode 31: Leah and Ash have serious regrets

Is this their redemption arc?

It’s episode 31 of The Block 2023 and it’s a mad scramble before 100 buyers descend on Charming St for the Domain Listings challenge.

Finally putting the drama aside (lol jokes), Kyle and Leslie were awarded the weekly BoB award and as you can imagine, Kristy was p**sed.

Meanwhile, Ash has a major dispute with Foremen Keith and Dan and The Block builders, Nine In Six because he wants to provide photos for a waterproof inspection but this is a reality TV show. And that’s a YUGE no-no.

But Ash has ammunition. A few weeks earlier, Eliza and Liberty were able to send photos in to get an inspection approved. We get his logic, but a few weeks ago, the houses were barely built…

Leah and Ash. Nine

Eliza confronts Leah and Ash

Since Kristy and Brett have poisoned the well with their “the sisters are favoured” rampage, it’s an interesting point; however, when Eliza overhears that Ash is not happy, she confronts him.

Ash (despite sometimes getting involved in the absolute chaos that is the drama during this season of the show) remains calm while trying to prove his point. And even though it could have caused even more of a divide, it prompts Eliza to have a chat with both Leah and Ash about Kristy’s behaviour.

Eliza and Ash… and the builders who want the TEA. Nine

The response?

Eliza then says that the villains of this season also have a terrible reputation with the crew and builders, but whether it is based on fact is another question….

Leah and Ash both reflect on what their three children will think about their behaviour so far. Leah breaks down, wondering if her choice of friendship was right in the first place.

Leah. Nine

The 100 buyers descend on The Block

With all this reflective effort, we half forgot that the 100 buyers were coming! As they arrive for the Domain Listings challenge, Adrian Portelli joins them. Ya know, the one who famously underbidded on Omar and Oz’s winning house in Gisborne in 2022…

Meanwhile, Steph and Gian impress all the buyers and they win by a small landslide. The high school sweethearts take home a cool $50,000 in prize money thanks to Domain.

But there’s still the after-party… and as we all know, nothing good can come from a late-night rendezvous!

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