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The Block Recap Episode 12: A storm is brewin’ as every house gains some new problems

One House had to demo its entire roof

It’s episode 12 of The Block 2023 and Kristy and Brett are still trying to figure out how they are going to move forward with restumping their entire house. 

On top of this, Kristy also caught the bug that Eliza had in episode 11 and had to spend some time in bed. Meanwhile, Leah’s bad luck continued, struggling to find a cabinet maker at the last minute. 

After Block builders Nine In Six began building the second stories on all the homes — and subsequently finding new issues for all the Blockheads — including House Four who had to demo all of their ceilings after old plaster fell off the roof.

Given that it’s Melbourne, a huge rain event was forecast and Foreman Dan advised all the couples to take the plaster of their ceilings down to prevent any more roofs from collapsing. He also insisted they cover their WFH spaces — which Leah and Ash ignore.

Ash. Nine

In hopes of lifting her spirits, Shelley Craft and Alice Stolz from Domain take Liberty to a beautiful house in Toorak to get some styling inspiration. This gives her the lift she needs to keep on, keepin’ on!

Once again, the contestants were told to tarp their roofs; however, Ash — who is from Sunny QLD — adopts a “she’ll be right” attitude and Dan is unimpressed.

Then it was revealed that House One’s Kyle and Leslie had broken a huge Block rule i.e. working on the tools after 6pm and subsequently getting a noise complaint from their neighbours… real ones, not Blockheads.

Scott and Shelley’s walkaround

It’s walkaround time with Scotty Cam and Shelley and the first budget chat of the season.

Kyle and Leslie are once again in the firing line, having spent $57,000 in just two weeks. Ooft!

Over in House four, Gian finally was able to sell the spa — but it was only for $500. But hey! Every penny on The Block counts!

Kyle and Leslie. Nine

Then there was finally some good news for Kristy and Brett. Foreman Keith revealed that because of the magnitude of restumping their whole home, they can work ahead to get it done. 

As the storm clouds approach, furniture arrives and as they say, there’s no rest for the wicked! It’s going to be a big weekend on The Block.

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