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The Block Recap Episode 11: Liberty becomes the “Nick Kyrgios” of Hampton East

While Eliza is sick...

It’s episode eleven of The Block 2023 and Eliza is sick. Sick of renovating, sick of the judge’s comments, sick of Leah and Steph’s feud…and sick with the flu.

Work continues on the WFH spaces and most of the Blockheads are hoping to also turn it into an extra guest bedroom.

Liberty, who is not sick, is still struggling with the comments from Sunday’s judging, with Marty Fox basically calling her taste sh**. 

Eliza, who is not helping at all, calls her the “Nick Kyrgios” off The Block a.k.a she starts well then gives up…lol.

Liberty. Nine

By the end of the day, Liberty has decided that two days of moping is enough and finds a spring in her step after a design consultation with Freedom Furniture.

Meanwhile, Brett and Kristy are also p**sed about having to restump their entire house so Brett fires off the Weber BBQ — which is not only making me hungry but is also great product placement.

For seriously no reason at all, another challenge that has nothing to do with renovating is called, and the teams head to Brighton Baths for a sand sculpting challenge. 

After her breakdown yesterday, Leah is stoked that she and Ash have won the sand-building competition. And actually, they did such a great job!

Leah and Ash’s sand sculpture. Nine

On top of that, they also received $5k and the all-important gnome.

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