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The Block Recap Episode 29: All hell breaks loose as the Kitchen and Laundry rooms are revealed

Kristy will just not quit

It’s episode 29 of The Block and time for the Kitchen and Laundry reveals — a.k.a the glaringly obvious product placement that is the “Kinsman Kitchens”….

But before we see how our Blockheads did this week, here’s what happened during the episode.

24 hours until tools down

With 24 hours until “tools down”, the usual last-minute chaos was cranked up a few thousand notches. 

Even though they’re the ones who are living in utter disarray, Eliza and Liberty are actually in a really good place with their build this week, but they have a tough decision to make regarding their builders.


The pair sit down with their inconsistent builder Mark and his team and they voice their concerns. After telling them that they’re thinking about getting a new team, Mark convinces them to have another think about it. Basically, they’ve come this far with the madness, so they may as well stick with it…

Scotty; however, has had enough and intervenes, telling the girls they have to make the tough decision and break up with their builders. When they deliver the news, the boys are less than thrilled, saying they want to finish the job.


While Mark and his team are fantastic builders, they’re just not the right fit for the Chaos Kweens and so after the goodbyes, it is revealed the new team will start on Monday.

The Blockheads then work all through the night to deliver some stunning spaces, before heading to Scotty’s HQ for a drama-filled night of judging. YAY!

The judging drama

The judging (see below) saw Eliza and Liberty and Kristy and Brett, go head-to-head before the sisters revealed they had a secret gnome — ya know, the one they won during the cursed break dancing challenge.

As expected, Kristy and Brett were fumin’ because they are seriously sore losers, feeling that it reiterated the fact that the sisters had been getting special treatment. Of course, Leah jumped on the bandwagon, but Ash couldn’t give two sh**s.


After the judging was complete, Eliza was furious at Kristy and Bretty as they didn’t congratulate her. She then confronted Kristy, calling her out, saying they didn’t get special treatment.

Kristy could not get over the audacity of Eliza and was still adamant they were being favoured before Eliza later explained she was sick of Kristy’s s**t.

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $$33,740

Shaynna says the space feels “sexy,” with the ceilings and the curves a real hit.

Neale Whitaker, who is back on The Block this week, agreed, saying he could really see Kyle and Leslie’s vision coming to life.

While the kitchen and laundry were very functional with plenty of storage; the judges felt the floor plan of the Butler’s pantry was wrong.

Leah and Ash – $22,083

Neale loved the materials used in the kitchen, even though there were a lot of different ones used.

While Darren was initially “besotted” by the kitchen, the judges had huge issues with the smaller size of the island bench and the placement of the sink.

They loved the Butler’s pantry but questioned whether they really needed it and when it came to the laundry, there were concerns you had to walk through the bathroom to get to it.

Kristy and Brett – $29,878

The judges were impressed by the burgundy bench top and loved that the rest of Kristy and Brett’s kitchen was all white, calling it sleek, modern and contemporary.

While they had issues with the size of the dining table, dining chairs and island bench chairs, they were still impressed.

As for the laundry? It was very well done and functional.

Steph and Gian – $25,304

The judges frothed over the Japandi style saying it was “incredible” and looked amazing.

While it was perfect for Instagram, they questioned whether it was functional. They felt the biggest issue was having to cook on the Island bench.

While they liked the Butler’s kitchen, they thought the whole space had functionality issues; however, their laundry was very well received.

Eliza and Liberty – $23,669

The judges loved the bold choice of the orange oven and had a lot of positives to say about the space.

Darren praised the girls for being the only team to get the size of the island bench right and the judges all thought it had impressive storage in both the kitchen and the laundry.

It was the best space the sisters have delivered yet.


Kyle and Leslie88 1/2825
Leah and Ash87 1/2823.5
Kristy and Brett9 1/29 1/29 1/228.5
Steph and Gian7 1/27 1/222
*Eliza and Liberty9 1/2109 1/229 + 1

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