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The Block 2023 Recap Episode 13: All of the incredible WFH spaces revealed

Another win for one couple!

It’s episode 13 of The Block 2023 and after what some would call a week that tres disaster, it’s 26 hours until The Blockheads have to reveal their work from home spaces.

Given it’s Melbourne, once again, storm clouds are approaching — and we mean physically AND metaphorically!

If you can believe it, we’re three weeks in and some of the couples are budgeting better than others, with Gian, one of the youngest contestants, better at it than others.

Once again, the couples are told to tarp their spaces, with Steph and Gian and Kristy and Brett doing as they’re told. The others? Not so much.

Here comes the rain

Leah and Ash are still adopting the laissez-faire approach — which, spoiler alert — does not work.

After “Toold down” is called at 5.20pm on Saturday, the rain begins to pour and it doesn’t stop.

In a WhatsApp group chat that we’d kill to be a part of, the drama unfolds — particularly when Leah and Ash’s house is — surprise, surprise — the worst affected.

Of course, Leah is beside herself and Eliza and Liberty and Kyle and Leslie also have major leaks. i.e. the houses that didn’t heed the warning.

The following morning, Leah and Ash discover that a section of their roof has collapsed from the weight of the water and Leah becomes inconsolable. 

Despite the drama, the show must literally go on and lucky for Leah and Ash, a team of Scotty Cam’s workers are able to fix their room so it’s presentable.

The Blockheads are also told that he will fix any water damage in the coming weeks before judging begins…

Room reveals

House 1 Kyle and Leslie – $13,917


  • The judges were impressed with how they managed to deliver this room mainly using Blockbucks
  • Their “style” was praised


House 2 Leah and Ash – $37,728


  • The biggest challenge was that it was presented as a bedroom (????) meaning they will have to go to market with a three-bedroom house instead of four.
  • They think the room also has major functionality issues.

House 3 Kristy and Brett – $29,919


  • The judges thought the brief was taken too literally (?!) and reminded them of a corporate office
  • Marty felt the room did not connect to their previous rooms

House 4 Steph and Gian – $22,380


  • Shaynna Blaze loved the use of the beams and is now starting to see their vision
  • Marty Fox felt the room was “sophisticated”
  • Darren Palmer thought the standard of the build was incredible.


  • Darren didn’t love the beams, but came around…

House 5 Eliza and Liberty – $27,051


  • The room had a nice feel to it
  • It was a “real step up” from last week


  • The Slim Aarons-styled artwork was not right for the room
  • The blue wallpaper looked “cheap”


Steph and Gian came out on top with a score of 26.5 out of 30.

Kyle and Leslie99826
Leah and Ash7.57.57.522.5
Kristy and Brett97.57.524
** Steph and Gian998.526.5
Eliza and Liberty7.57.57.522.5

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