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The Block Recap Episode 36: Eliza and Liberty narrowly avoid a cheating scandal

Plus, Kyle and Leslie have more spacing issues!

It’s episode 35 of The Block 2023 and three days until our Blockheads have to deliver not one, but two kids’ rooms in a busy week on Charming Street.

Over the past few weeks, Kyle and Leslie have been criticised for their lack of spatial planning skills; but despite this, they want to put up a nib wall back in their open-plan living and dining space. Their builders think it will be another planning disaster, but whether they listen to them is a whole other problem…

Leslie. Nine

During the weekly walk around, Scotty Cam and Shelley Craft visit all the houses and are very impressed with how everyone is tracking… mostly because they’re actually getting on with building and not b**ching at each other…today.

Meanwhile, Eliza and Liberty have some serious connections and enlist the help of Lego MastersBrickman to build a toy cheetah for one of their rooms. When Scotty hears about this, he says nothing is free when it comes to The Block, meaning they must pay him for the work.

Given the Melbourne sisters have been the target of a conspiracy theory that they are a Channel 9 plant, they narrowly avoid a cheating scandal, understanding if they don’t pay Brickman the conspiracy will live on.

Eliza and Brickman. Nine

Weber BBQ Challenge

Since Scotty is hungry, he hosts another BBQ challenge thanks to Weber.

The Blockheads are tasked with cooking him a meal, and after five tastings a winner is announced!

Once again, BBQ king Brett takes out the win — his second Weber challenge win on The Block and he and Kristy take home $15,000, which is perfect timing since their budget is, well, cooked!

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