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The Block Recap Episode 32: Kristy goes into a fit of rage and berates Leah

Plus, Leah's sister comes for a visit...

It’s episode 32 of The Block 2023 and after Steph and Gian’s EPIC win during the Domain Listings Challenge, they head to the after-party at Kyle and Leslie’s.

Everything was hunky dory until a bunch of the contestants – including Leah and Ash (wut?!) and her sister Ellie who was visiting from Brisvegas – went to hang out at Eliza and Liberty’s house, who had taken themselves to bed.

Kristy notices that her BFF — well, she thinks — is missing after requesting the DJ play “their song” and she was nowhere to be found.

“Ash, where the f**k is your wife, bro?” she can be heard saying, before later adding: “I’m gonna rage.”


Finding out she has the audacity to hang out with the OTHER teams, she heads to House Five in an absolute fit of fury. Upon her arrival, she not only swears but berates Leah for being there.

“Why the f**k are you here?” Kristy says.

According to Ash, after returning to the after-party, Kristy told him: “I’ve just seen your wife, she’s dead to me!”

During her piece to the camera, Leah reveals that she didn’t speak to her “for the rest of the night. All I could think was, thank God the girls [Eliza and Liberty] went to bed!”

Firstly, Kristy’s behaviour is absolutely disgusting and secondly, the other Blockheads are shocked,

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Kristy sees no issue with it. Cool.

Shaken up by the confrontation, Leah and Ash wake up the following day in all sorts. Leah continues to question her friendship with Kristy and is starting to turn against her…

Meanwhile, Kristy does not GAF.

Scotty and Shelley’s Walkaround and the building continues…

During the weekly walkaround, Scotty and Shelley are concerned about Kyle and Leslie and Kristy and Brett’s MAJOR budgeting issues.

And in case you had forgotten, the Blockheads are currently working on their master ensuite bathrooms. We remind you because it seems the teams have forgotten themselves, given they are consumed by all the drama…. except for Steph and Gian — the youngest couple on The Block — who care more about their home. Praise be!

Given their win at the challenge, they have lunch with the Domain team at Grossi Florentino.

Scotty and Shelley. Nine

Leah seeks advice from her sister

Over in House Two, Ellie’s visit has drawn to a close and when Leah drives her back to the airport, she discusses her relo with Kristy.

Ellie — the only sane person it seems — tells her sister to stay true to herself, even if that means calling Kristy out. Yeah, that will end well!

When Leah arrives back at The Block she convinces herself that Kristy and Brett’s behaviour the past few weeks doesn’t align with her and Ash’s morals, and decides to confront her…

Could this be the end of Krett LeAsh?

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