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The Block Recap Episode 33: Leah confronts Kristy and the master ensuites are revealed

Fierce competition as the judges score the team's master ensuites!

It’s episode 33 of The Block and time for the master bedroom ensuite reveals. But before we see what magic the Blockheads have created, here’s what happened during the episode.

After thinking about it all week — and Kristy’s horrendous behaviour during episode 32, Leah heads to Kristy and Brett’s house to voice her concern about their behaviour, especially towards Eliza and Liberty.

As expected, it doesn’t go down well.

Kristy bites back and says she is only saying this because she is worried about how she is going to be portrayed on TV. LOLz.

Taking precisely zero responsibility, Kristy wonders why she is to blame for the so-called “mean girls” behaviour, saying that Leah was a willing accomplice. LOLz again.

Ash then admits that the confrontation was necessary as he and Leah are not like this at home and they want to be true to themselves and set a good example for their three kids.

Unsurprisingly, iIt all ends in tears and Leah says that her once close friendship with Kristy is now gone.

Meanwhile, Eliza and Liberty can’t stand Kristy and Brett, managing to avoid them as much as possible.

After another drama-filed week, Scotty arrives on Charming St and judging gets underway on their master ensuite bathrooms.

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $$25,969

Although initially being well-received by the judges, Kyle and Leslie’s creation unfortunately faced several significant functionality issues. The double shower proved to be excessively cramped, and the positioning of the shower grate was completely off.

Leah and Ash – $26,014

The judges were impressed by the extensive bathroom design, particularly the spacious shower. However, Shaynna expressed her disappointment in the immature styling, which ultimately affected Leah and Ash’s overall performance.

Kristy and Brett – $31,608

The judges were impressed with how seamlessly the bathroom in House Three connected with the other rooms. Shaynna praised its functionality, while Kristy and Brett received their best feedback yet.

Steph and Gian – $31,753

The judges found this bathroom was more suited to social media, rather than being great overall. Marty even went as far as likening it to a “quarantine facility”, expressing his strong dislike for it.

Eliza and Liberty – $29,662

The judges were in awe when they entered the room, impressed by its thoughtful layout. However, they had one critique, mentioning the positioning of the face-level storage.


Eliza and Liberty and their arch-rivals Kristy and Brett tied for the win, pocketing $10,000 each. 

Kyle and Leslie7 ½7 ½7 ½22 ½
Leah and Ash87 ½823 ½
Kristy and Brett9 ½9 ½928
Steph and Gian7 ½76 ½21
Eliza and Liberty99 ½9 ½28

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