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The Block Recap Episode 42: Leah and Ash are at war with another team (that’s not Kristy and Brett)

Who's their newest arch nemesis?

It’s episode 42 of The Block 2023 and we’re finally at backyard week, or in Kristy and Brett’s case, their front yard?

Anyway, Brett had finally ditched his Mustang campaign, so he and Kristy were up to do their pool area at the same time as the rest of the contestants.

But, before they got started on their backyards, the contestants checked out their competitor’s rooms.

All the Blockheads were shocked at Kristy and Brett’s rooms, and couldn’t believe that they didn’t get around to doing the finishes on the room they did finish.

The Block. Nine.

As for this week’s renovations, Lesley and Kyle secured Troy Lovett, the landscaper who famously won the week on The Block 2022 with Tom and Sarah Jane.

They were ready to throw everything that they had at the build, which wasn’t actually a lot compared to the other houses.

Kyle and Lesley had previously negotiated a deal for Troy to do their yard for the fixed price of $40,000. However, Leah was VERY concerned that the work being done would cost a lot more, and made her opinion known.

The Block. Nine.

Meanwhile, Steph offered Leah her credit at Camerich, which she assumed was about $5,500. But, when Leah arrived at the shop and picked out what she wanted, she was told there was actually over $15,000 left in Steph’s account.

Upon learning the news, Steph reneged on her offer, and Leah wasn’t happy about it.

The Block. Nine.

On a happier note, Eliza and Liberty headed off on their reward for winning the redo room week, which was a stay at the five-star Melbourne hotel, The Langham.

Liberty was over the moon about the “crisp clean sheets”, explaining that she and Eliza hadn’t washed theirs in three months. Eesh.

The Block. Nine.

The girls were also treated to a spot of shopping with Scotty Cam, Pretty Woman style, and secured some outfits.

Steph was away for the day as she headed off to go to her grandfather’s funeral. Just as she was about to return home, Gian received the devastating news that his grandfather had passed away too.

The Block. Nine.

The Blockheads had a sweet moment where they consoled Gian in bed and the episode finished with an adorable photo of his grandad at their wedding.

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