Family on The Block

The Block Recap Episode 40: It’s family time!

A sprinkle of drama and a whole lot of love

It’s episode 40 of The Block 2023 and *surprise surprise* tensions escalate between Ash in House Number two and Kristy in House Number three.

The feud causes Leslie to call for a meeting to address Brett’s plan about flipping House No.3’s front and backyards for the final judging, with a special focus on showcasing his pool.

In the dramatic meeting, it becomes evident that this proposition won’t receive approval from the body corporate, which triggers a heated exchange between Kristy and Ash that involves a whole bunch of tears.

The Block body corporate
The Block. Nine.

Ash’s concern stems from Kristy’s “blatant disregard” for him and Leah, and he stresses that he wants to be on good terms with her and Brett leading up to the final two weeks of The Block. The argument intensifies with insults flying back and forth, leaving the other Blockheads to witness the uncomfortable situation.

Leah gets the tradies involved

During the disagreement, Leah discovers that Kristy and Brett have involved their tilers in their waterproofing project, which Leah is not about. She gives the tilers an ultimatum: continue working with Kristy and Brett, and their professional relationship with Leah is over.

Eventually, the other Blockheads leave the kitchen, which allows Kristy and Ash to somewhat resolve their differences. However, Leah remains disgusted by Kristy’s disrespectful behaviour towards her husband. Unsurprisingly, she’s not impressed when Ash tells her about the reconciliation.

The Block. Nine.

Meanwhile, renovations continue as the Blockheads work on their bathrooms and refurbish their rooms. They receive a challenge from Arnott’s Biscuits called “It’s A Blockout.”

The Blockheads see their families

Much to their delight, the contestants are informed that they are headed off to a winery. However, many of the women’s happiness turns to desolation when they’re told to bring their bathers along

At the venue, the host of Aussie Ninja Warrior, Leila McKinnon, informs them about an obstacle challenge on the lake with a prize of $10,000.

Scotty Cam said that the challenge needs a live audience, and brings in the Blockheads families. Kyle and Leslie and Leah and Ash are over the moon to see their kids, as are Gian and Steph and Kristy and Ash for their dogs.

The Block. Nine.

Steph and Gian, of course, win the challenge and are awarded another $10,000.

In the final scenes of episode 40, Gian and Steph generously gifted Liberty and Eliza half of the prize money they won at the obstacle course to use towards their outdoor areas.

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