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The Block Recap Episode 37: One team receives a perfect score as the kid’s rooms are revealed

Plus, some special guests joined in on the fun!

It’s episode 37 of The Block and time for the Kid’s room reveals. But before we could catch a glimpse of any of the renos, here’s what happened during the episode.

The Blockheads are in a frenzy, racing against the clock for some last-minute shopping before the big reveal of two magnificent kids’ rooms.

Steph, haunted by the past critique from the judges when she and Gian veered off the brief in the house decider challenge, has been plagued with doubts all week.

Meanwhile, Leslie and Liberty team up for a shopping spree, leaving Steph feeling a bit left out and ignored. Leslie then explains that she’s tired of what she perceives as a one-sided friendship with Steph.

Steph. Nine

Max and Charlie Cress, the kids of Julian Cress, the executive producer of The Block eagerly survey the kid’s rooms. There are some jaw-dropping statement pieces, like Leah and Ash’s epic rock climbing wall and Steph and Gian’s envy-inducing swinging chair.

Enter Scotty Cam, announcing “tools down.”

Despite their exhaustion, all five couples manage to unveil some truly stunning rooms.

As judging commences, Scott reveals another surprise: special guest judges Olive and Freddie Fox. Yup, Marty Fox’s kids.

The Fox family. Nine

Joining them in HQ is Marty Fox, who somehow manages to maintain an awkward presence while watching the contestants receive his feedback. Lel

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $16,743

Kyle and Leslie put in some serious elbow grease, but alas, not everyone was showering them with praise.

The judges had a bone to pick with their basketball-themed boy’s room, claiming it’s a bit “niche”.

In terms of the upstairs planning, there were headshakes all around.

Surprisingly, one of the kids’ rooms outshone the “master” bedroom and poor Leslie’s spirits took a beating as she was bombarded with more negative feedback.

It’s safe to say, she’s reached her breaking point.

Leah and Ash – 21,912

The judges loved the amazing kids’ rooms with Darren loving the bold style of the Grafico wallpaper.

Marty couldn’t resist the super cool climbing wall, a smash hit while the second room, complete with a disco ball and stage, was seriously impressive.

The only critique was the choice of a day bed. The judges were left scratching their heads, wondering why Leah and Ash didn’t go for a regular single bed.

But hey, overall the feedback was incredibly positive!

Kristy and Brett – $25,580

The Adelaide couple stirred up some controversy with their daring design choices.

The bold Gafico wallpaper in the second room was quite polarizing, but in the end, all three judges couldn’t resist its charm.

However, Brett’s paintwork could have used some improvement in certain areas but despite that, their overall performance was a success!

Steph and Gian – $25,580

Steph and Gian hit it out of the park with their incredible room designs!

The judges were blown away, giving them perfect 10s across the board.

Not only did they impress the judges, but they also raked in a whopping $40,000 in just one night.

Eliza and Liberty – $13,217

Eliza and Liberty knocked it out of the park with their show-stopping efforts!

The judges were blown away by their room designs, which were guaranteed to win over any buyer.

Marty couldn’t help but nitpick about the lighting in one room but all in all, a truly fantastic showcase of talent and creativity!


Steph and Gian took out the win with a perfect score of 30!

Meanwhile, Leah and Ash were awarded a gnome for their favourite room by the kids.

Kyle and Leslie8.5
Leah and Ash9.5
Kristy and Brett9.5
Steph and Gian10
Eliza and Liberty9.5

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