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The Block Recap Episode 41: One team presents two unfinished rooms

"Disappointingly unfinished"

It’s episode 41 of The Block and time for the redo rooms and bathroom reveals. But before we see what magic our Blockheads have worked, here’s what happened during the episode.

With just 36 hours to go for the upstairs bathroom and redo room to be finished, some of the contestants were progressing better than others.

The Block. Nine.

Kristy and Brett faced a disaster with their bathroom renovation. Instead of tiling over the arch, Brett made the mistake of removing the back wall which compromised the waterproofing. Foreman Dan said the rough cost of the mistake is a whopping $30,000. Feeling defeated, Kristy and Brett give up and present a completely unfinished room to the judges.

During the episode, The Blockheads headed to a local soccer oval for a challenge sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank, hoping to win some much-needed cash.

All of the contestants managed to get goals in, but Brett’s ball hit Keith smack in the face after it rebounded off Dan.

The Block Nine.

Leslie and Kyle and Gian and Steph won $1,000, while Brett and Kristy, Eliza and Liberty and Leah and Ash won $2,000 to put towards their renovations.

When Scotty Cam arrived on Saturday morning to declare “tools down.” Most of the Blockheads have finished rooms, except for Kristy and Brett.

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $$23,898

Neale’s return as a judge comes as a relief for the contestants. The judges were impressed by the transformation of Kyle and Leslie’s living room after removing a wall, making it more open.

However, they were not pleased with the design of their bathroom, particularly the placement of the toilets. Once again, Kyle and Leslie faced criticism for their spatial planning, leaving them dissatisfied.

Leah and Ash – $26,118

The judges were instantly impressed with the renovations done to the downstairs work from home area, which has now been transformed into an additional bedroom. Neale praised how well it complements Leah’s bold styling in the living room.

Upstairs, positive feedback was received regarding the bathroom, which is considered one of Leah and Ash’s best accomplishments so far.

Kristy and Brett – $28,603

Darren expressed his disappointment when he discovered that Kristy and Brett had not yet presented their redo room. Their explanation was that they only needed to tile the arch, which would have made it perfect.

However, their upstairs bathroom was left unfinished. Kristy claimed it was beyond their control, but Scott retorted by stating that they had complete control over everything. Neale added that it was “disappointingly unfinished”

Steph and Gian – $28,603

Steph and Gian put in an amazing effort to transform their bathroom into a luxurious and incredible space, impressing the judges. It has now become more than just a quarantine facility.

Though Shaynna expressed concern about the lack of face level storage, their jack and jill bathroom was a favorite among all three judges.

Eliza and Liberty – $28,664

The Victorian sisters completely revamped their studio, turning it into a luxurious home in Hampton East. However, Darren felt that they made a mistake with the layout – the couch should have faced the pool and garden.

Darren and Shaynna were impressed by the kids/teenagers bathroom, but Neale found the styling to be immature and superficial. Despite some criticisms, it was ultimately a commendable effort.


Eliza and Liberty took out the win with 27.5 points.

Kyle and Leslie7.5
Leah and Ash8.5
Kristy and Brett66
Steph and Gian8.58.5926
Eliza and Liberty9.59.58.5

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