Sharon and Ankur on The Block

Winners of Adrian Portelli’s $4.2 million The Block house send him a huge bill for missing items

The missing items included books and tea towels

An ungrateful Australian couple who won the $4.2 million The Block house that Adrian Portelli purchased at auction have sent him a large bill for missing extras.

Adrian Portelli, otherwise known as Lambo Guy, famously started a bidding war on Oz and Omar’s house which sold for a whopping $5.586 million on The Block 2022. He later purchased Sharon and Ankur’s after auction for $4.2 million.

Portelli used the latter house as the prize for a competition he was running for his company, and Victorian couple Kevin and Andrea Griffin won.

Sharon and Ankur’s The Block House. Domain.

However, not content with the multi-million dollar mansion, the Griffins have complained that there are missing extras from the “fully-furnished house” and sent Portelli a $100k bill for them.

The best bit for those of us who love reality TV mess? Portelli shared a video of the Griffins complaining about the missing decor and furniture and posted it to IG for our perusal.

You can watch the saga play out on Instagram reels below:


How did the Griffins know items were removed?

The videos show the Griffins complaining about items that had been removed from the house, which could be put down to them being avid fans of The Block and simply noticing the difference.

However, the plot thicks, because Herald Sun published a CCTV video of Portelli removing items from the house, which led the Griffins to comment and send him a bill for $102,000.

“We were just like, what the hell?” Ms Griffin said after seeing the footage. “Why has he done this?”

Kevin and Andrea Griffin. LCMT+/Jason Edwards.

Adrian Portelli defended his choice to remove the items

Portelli explained that the terms and conditions of the competition stipulated that the winner would receive a fully furnished house, which they did.

“It came fully furnished with hundreds of thousands of dollars of items, however, apparently there’s hundreds of items missing,” he said on Instagram.

The Block contestants do receive many items from sponsors that aren’t included,” he continued. “So in the shed, there were a lot of items like a treadmill, the wine the contestants won, there were toolboxes etc.

“But yes, we did take a few items. What I do with these items is completely up to me – whether I choose to use them to stage future giveaway houses, or I simply use them personally.”

What was removed from The Block house?

Portelli shared the bill he was sent by the Griffins for the missing items. Amongst them were books, a fruit bowl and tea towels.

Adrian Portelli. Facebook.

The Block continues on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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