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The Block Recap Episode 45: There were some disappointed Blockheads at the garden reveals


It’s episode 45 of The Block and time for the long-awaited backyard reveals. But before we see the landscaping, here’s what happened during the episode.

The Blockheads put in their final push during the last 24 hours before tools down was called by Scotty Cam, and the backyards are looking schmick.

Kyle and Leslie went hard this week and poured all of their money into their garden with the hope of scoring the $10,000 prize to use for their front yard. They had no backup plan for next week if they fell short.

Kristy and Brett had a huge blow up (shock, horror) with their landscaper Dan due to multiple mistakes on his end, including missing plant deliveries and poor-quality mulch. Tensions ran high, and it’s safe to say he won’t be returning next week.

In a first for The Block, Scotty had some special help in announcing “tool’s down.” Make A Wish, 10-year-old Jordy, who has muscular dystrophy, fulfilled his dream by calling “tool’s down” alongside Scotty.

It’s judging time, and Marty, Shaynna, and Darren are joined by Block landscaping royalty, Dave Franklin.

Room Reveals

Kyle and Leslie – $41,800

Despite their hard work – and massive gamble – the judges pointed out some significant issues in Kyle and Leslie’s yard.

Their main concern was the lack of child-friendliness in the garden, especially the pool, which they didn’t think was suitable for young children. They also said the area wasn’t maximised and there was a shortage of grassed areas.

Leah and Ash – $46,360

The judges loved Leah and Ash’s landscaping. They were particularly fond of the Plungie pool, which they felt was perfectly done. The BBQ area was also praised, with Dave Franklin noting its real sense of luxury.

They said the overall design was not only family-friendly but also highly marketable to buyers in Hampton East. Great work!

Kristy and Brett – $40,649

The judges initially gave positive feedback about the size of the pool, but their enthusiasm quickly faded. Dave Franklin expressed his dislike for the area, criticizing its design, choices, and execution.

Kristy and Brett agreed with him and said they were disappointed by their landscaper’s work.

Steph and Gian – $71,704

All four judges were blown away by Steph and Gian’s space. They said backyard truly made a statement.

Marty said he thinks that House No.4 will set a new record for house prices in Hampton East. They were impressed with all of Steph and Gian’s choices, from the plants and pool to the tiles.

Eliza and Liberty – $55,893

Despite being super confident with their backyard, Eliza and Liberty received pretty bad feedback. The judges were harsh and despised the concrete, deeming it unnecessary.

The furniture choice was heavily criticized, and Marty described the BBQ area as resembling a shed. The judges had no positive remarks.


Steph and Gian took out the win (again!).

DarrenShaynnaMartyDave Total
Kyle and Leslie9
Leah and Ash9.5
Kristy and Brett7.5
Steph and Gian9.5
Eliza and Liberty7

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