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The Block Recap Episode 38: Steph’s devastating news and Kristy and Brett are on the outs

Plus two past contestants come for a visit

It’s episode 38 of The Block 2023 and we’re now in the final weeks of the reno. This week, the Blockheads are tackling another guest bathroom plus a redo room. 

The teams receive $10k for each makeover and given Marty Fox has had A LOT to say about most of the reno’ed spaces, they have many options to work with.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Leslie are having a tough start to the week after the negative feedback they received during the Kid’s Room Reveal.

Thankfully, ~most~ of the teams decided to come to the rescue, showering love on House #1’s kids’ spaces during the Domain Open for Inspection.

During the Ford Getaway, Scott and Rachel and Ryan from last year’s series join Steph and Gian for dinner. In a heartfelt moment, Steph talks about her initial struggles on The Block when Kristy and Leah teamed up to spread gossip and cause trouble behind her back.

Rachel and Ryan. Nine

While it did sting, Rachel and Ryan, tell her to focus on her own journey and win that money, honey!

Following the getaway, Steph receives some devastating news from home – her grandfather, who migrated from Greece, was gravely ill after a fall.

While during the show he hadn’t passed away, Steph’s family were forced to remove his oxygen which was a “bit of a shock” because he’d been doing so well.

With this and the pressure of being far from her family, she began to feel a bit “disconnected”; however, all of the Blockheads, including Kristy, rallied around her.

Steph. The Block

Eliza and Liberty change hands…again

After letting go of their builders early on in the season, Eliza and Liberty parted ways with their landscaper who didn’t want their “brand” to suffer any damage by being associated with The Block. Ooft.

The sisters only had $40,000 for landscaping, which wasn’t enough to create magic and the green thumbs didn’t want a bar of it.

Later on, their house, which has become the local hangout spot for the Blockheads, saw Leah and Ash, Kyle and Leslie, Steph and Gian, and Eliza and Liberty spend time together. Unsurprisingly, there’s one couple missing from the party – Kristy and Brett.

After weeks of drama, they find themselves completely out of the group.

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