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An investigation into which Married at First Sight 2023 couples are still together

Who stayed together when the cameras stopped rolling?

There’s a reason why Married at First Sight Australia 2023 is the most-watched TV program in the country. It’s always a wild ride, full of drama, tears and occasional triumphs and frankly, we love watching messy couples hash it out on TV!

Now in its tenth season, viewers have once again tuned in to watch as the MAFS Brides and Grooms are paired by the experts (John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla), meet at the altar and then have to live together, all while enduring toxic Dinner Parties and Commitment Ceremonies.

MAFS experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling. Source: Nine.

Director of Content at Endemol Shine Australia and former executive producer of MAFSTara McWilliams, admitted that some relationships start off “really strong” in an interview with  Yahoo Lifestyle.

“There’s one in particular that goes from strength to strength and we’re like, this is an absolute sure thing. There are so many things like tick, tick, tick, and it doesn’t. At the final hurdle, it falls in quite an unexpected and controversial way.”

While we don’t know who, we absolutely know for certain that some of these couples are destined for doomsville!

So, what happens after the cameras stop rolling and there’s nothing but real lyfe? Do the loved-up couples stay together, or are they doomed from the start?

We investigated which couples are still together from Married at First Sight Australia 2023.

Lyndall and Cameron

lyndall and cameron mafs 2023
Lyndall and Cameron. Source: Instagram/Nine.

If this couple hasn’t made it in the real world then love is officially dead.

From the get-go, Cameron Woods and Lyndall Grace had been the ultimate couple…until they weren’t.

While their union started strong, it hasn’t been smooth sailing, with Cam continuously upsetting Lyndall at every turn, especially since he was having trouble “communicating”

Then, during the sixth cursed dinner party, Cam revealed he was “drive in and drive out”, not “fly in fly out”, and admitted that he can be away for up to six months to a year, leaving his Bride devastated.

Cam then admitted he didn’t want to change his “lifestyle” with Expert Alessandra saying she thinks he was getting “cold feet”.

Unfortunately, if the Daily Mail is anything to go by, the couple are no longer together, nor on speaking terms! Oop!

Our verdict: Nope!

Bronte and Harrison

harrison and bronte mafs 2023
Bronte and Harrison. Source: Nine.

Look, the drama between Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon from the first week alone should be the only reason we’re predicting that these two don’t make it.

During the March 8 episode of the show, Harrison told Bronte he still wanted to be married to her but didn’t want to be in a romantic relationship and somehow, we think that Harrison has no idea how “marriage” works.

But this and the fact that they don’t follow each other on socials means they’re officially over. Thank god.

Verdict: You’d be lying to yourself if you thought this Married at First Sight couple could make it.

Rupert and Evelyn

Rupert and Evelyn.
Rupert and Evelyn. Source: Nine.

Look, this couple is as odd as a pair of socks after a wash.

While Evelyn Ellis is a strong-willed, outgoing personality, Rupert Bugden is… not.

They do seem to want to try though, which is nice, but there’s no way they’re still together.

Verdict: Nah. Surely, not!

Ollie and Tahnee

Ollie and Tahnee. Source: Instagram/Nine.

Another “if they aren’t still together, love is dead” couple.

Truly, from the minute they met, Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook have been a match-made in MAFS heaven.

From constant goggly eyes to sweet kisses and posting the most romantic pics of each other on their official socials, we think it’s safe to say that they’re still together.

Verdict: Yes… we hope.

Duncan and Alyssa

duncan alyssa married at first sight 2023
Duncan and Alyssa. Source: Nine.

We love Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde.

Even though Duncan’s response to Alyssa’s admission she was “the other woman” during a previous relationship was… questionable at best, he did manage to put it aside and they do seem to be quite sweet together.

Since their first week, the couple have seen some ups and downs but we’ve still got our fingers and toes crossed.

Verdict: Here’s hopin’!

Melinda and Layton

melinda layton married at first sight 2023
Melinda and Layton. Source: Nine.

Melinda Willis and Layton Mills‘ wedding was controversial to say the least. While Layton took one look at his new Bride and fell-head-over heels, Melinda was severely unimpressed.

Touted as the villain for the season, Melinda caused a riot on Twitter, however, seemingly changed the country’s opinion when she “saw right through” Harrison’s Dinner Party BS.

Then, Melinda became an absolute BOSS B*TCH, turning her status from zero to hero, and she and Layton began to fall for each other.

While they’ve been on a rollercoaster as well, counting the days since they’ve had any fights — they may just actually make it!

Verdict: Maybe

Who left the Married at First Sight experiment?

Claire and Jesse

claire and jesse mafs
Claire and Jesse. Source: Nine.

Just as we thought, Jesse Burford and Claire Nomarhas are no more.

After being quite a challenge to watch all season, the couple finally called it quits during the March 12 episode of the show.

Even though they had a minor breakthrough during the February 7 episode (when the Groom opened up about his previous relationship) we didn’t have much hope that this would continue — especially after Claire kissed Adam Seed and Jesse wanted to leave the experiment. Again.

This couple went on possibly the most awkward rollercoaster since the show began, and while they currently follow each other on the ‘gram, this is absolutely MAFS-mandated and they are donezo!

Tayla and Hugo

Tayla and Hugo. Source: Nine.

Since the only reason Tayla Winter found Hugo Armstrong attractive was because of his height, we knew this wasn’t going to last.

Their toxic and confusing relationship saw Tayla yeet herself from the experiment, sneaking home to Tasmania after the Couples Retreat before making a grand re-entry into the experiment during the March 8 Dinner Party.

While she told Hugo she wanted to give him another chance, Hugo had had enough of her BS. He called time on their relationship, and the couple left the experiment before the Commitment Ceremony.

Melissa and Josh

Melissa and Josh. Source: Nine.

Melissa Sheppard and “Disney Dad” Josh White seemed a little mismatched at first, especially when Josh lied about having sex with the self-confessed “freak in the sheets”.

At the time of publication, the pair seem to actually hate each other with a passion, and while they both chose to stay during the February 12 Commitment Ceremony, we don’t see a positive future ahead.

The following week, Josh was a broken man and while Mel chose “stay”, expert John Aiken allowed Josh to leave.

Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda

dan and sandy mafs 2023
Dan and Sandy. Source: Nine.

On February 1, The Daily Mail reported that one of the strongest couples of the experiment did not make it passed the final vows.

Not only that, they are also doing a terrible job at keeping it a secret!

42-year-old Dan Hunjas was spotted — and papped — kissing nurse Samantha Symes — who was incidentally a guest at his TV wedding to Sandy Jawanda.

Since the photos surfaced, the new couple have made no effort to keep it under wraps — which has reportedly p**sed off the producers.

“Dan had some very angry phone calls from production and publicists and he was made an example of to other cast members,” an insider told Yahoo! Lifestyle

Apparently, Dan “wasn’t happy with his edit”, so decided to go rogue! Oops.

The couple finally left the experiment because frankly, Sandy deserved better!

Caitlin and Shannon

Caitlin and Shannon. Source: Nine.

Shannon Adams and Caitlin McConville started off OK, but then during the February 7 episode of MAFS, Shannon decided to rank his bride fourth during the photo ranking challenge.

“You have the potential to just level up,” the Groom told her. “Their natural beauty shines more than yours.” Vomit.

Later in the episode, Shannon admitted he was still “in love” with the mother of his child — which makes us believe this next piece of info could be about him.

“I’m still thinking about my ex… I hate the fact that I say this, but I still love her,” he said. “I just feel like I’m leading two people on.”

According to New Idea, one Groom was “still on-again, off-again with his ex-girlfriend in the lead-up to MAFS” and apparently went on the show to “try to make her jealous.”

The Daily Mail also had something to say and reported that Shannon and his ex-fiancée Jamea Drake were still in touch during the experiment, reconciling after his journey on MAFS was done.

“They were together for about seven years … it was very on and off, but they are happy now,” a friend of the Groom told the outlet before adding: “He was upset after the wedding and wanted out right away.”

“Shan and Jamea kept in contact for the sake of [their daughter] Milli and he would try to FaceTime her every day,” they said.

“He had planned to put in 100 per cent into his relationship with Caitlin but just couldn’t because he was still invested in Jamea.”

The couple left the experiment during the second commitment ceremony.

Janelle and Adam

Janelle Han and Adam Seed. Source: Nine.

Janelle Han and Adam Seed seemed to click straight away upon meeting at the altar, however, thanks to the beauty influencer’s brothers, Adam had to divulge the fact that he was a former cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.

Then Janelle was concerned over the 29-year-old’s career choice a.k.a crypto entrepreneur which caused some serious friction on their honeymoon.

The fall-out from the infidelity broke the couple, and they left the experiment.

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