Harry and Teddy on Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Recap Episode 10: The boys go head to head and it got personal

"They look like a version of us that was put in the microwave for 90 seconds"

It’s episode 10 of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 and things got tense in Borneo between Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs and Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougal.

The men engaged in a weird battle that seemed to determine which team was the most macho. However, it did generate what could be the best remark in Amazing Race history.

“I still think Darren and Tristan are our biggest competition by far, even though they look like a version of us that was put in the microwave for 90 seconds,” Teddy said.

Harry and Teddy on The Amazing Race. Ten.
Darren and Tristan on The Amazing Race. Ten.

Challenge One

The first challenge took place at a bustling local fish market where the teams were tasked with cleaning and gutting six fish.

Emma Watkins struggled with fish-chopping due to her lack of upper body strength, while Harry and Teddy managed to overtake the ladies and claim the lead.


In the next challenge, teams were faced with a choice between Saving The Mangroves or Saving The Reef.

Darren and Tristan, along with Alli and Angie Simpson, opted to Save The Reef. Their mission involved collecting five kilograms of dead coral, gluing 15 living coral fragments onto it, and then swimming the coral back into the ocean.

Darren’s experience as playing a Marine Scientist on Sea Change seemed to help him – or so he gloated. However, it turned out that he successfully completed the task first, with his reef getting the green tick.

Meanwhile, at the mangroves, teams had to kayak three kilometers in order to collect 36 seeds from the mangrove forest. They then had to return and plant the seeds in a pot.

Harry and Teddy got off to a very strong start, but they failed to pay attention to the instructions and only collected 24 seeds. This meant they had to paddle around to the mangroves again to gather 12 more.

Emma and Hayley’s simple due diligence of listening to the instructions and collecting the right amount of seeds (plus extras!) catapulted them to first place.


The detour saw one of the team members wander through a forest and memorise a series of masks along the way.

Unfortunately, Angie took a tumble and reinjured her back, causing her to forget her mask and start again. She eventually found Emma and Harry on the trail, and they worked together. Darren avoided working with anyone else and managed to outpace them all and move ahead.


Host Beau Ryan was thirsty and asked teams to swim out in the ocean and grab a coconut for him prior to arriving at the pitstop. The race was so close at this point that one poor swimmer could make them lose their edge.

Darren and Tristan secured the first spot, closely followed by Harry and Teddy.

“Darren and Tristan piped you again, how does that feel? Beau asked the reality stars after their arrival.

Emma and Hayley were in third. Alli and Angie were the last team to reach the mat, but tears turned to relief when Beau announced that it was a non-elimination leg.

“We were coming for the front today, that was the goal,” Darren told Beau.

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