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The Amazing Race Recap Episode 8: Former front runners are in trouble when their boat capsizes

"What do we have to do to get these couples away from us?"

It’s episode 8 of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 and with just five teams remaining, things hit a whole new level of competitiveness.

The contestants headed to the waters of a local floating village on the mighty lake of Tonle Sap in Cambodia.

The episode saw previous front runners meltdown as they fell behind, and unlikely teams excel.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

Challenge one and detours

For challenge one, the contestants were tasked with collecting a list of school supplies for the local students from a shop on land, which seemed easy enough. However, after they’d bought all of the items they had to deliver them via a tiny fishing boat.

Fortunately for them, the teams had minimal drama during the challenge, which is probably because they didn’t have to drive the boats themselves.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

After dropping off the supplies, the teams had to learn the words to the Cambodian version of Old McDonald Had a Farm and perform it in front of the class of children correctly.

Unsurprisingly, Wiggle Emma and Hayley aced it, and Angie and Ali Simpson followed closely behind them.

Meanwhile, Corr and Jana Pittman began to film the pressure of the race and continually snapped at each other as they reenacted the song, and Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs were told their performance was “not good”.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

The contestants were given a detour and had to choose between gardening of fishing. Jana and Corr and Harry and Teddy chose gardening, while the others decided to try their luck at catching a cupful of shrimp.

In order to catch the shrimp, the teams had to paddle to branches in the river, slowly pull them out and shake the shellfish out into a net.

Darren McMullen wasn’t happy to see that they were the last ones to their challenge pick. “What do we have to do to get these couples away from us?” he frustratingly vented to a producer.

At one point, Tristan Dougan dropped his oar and leaned over the boat to get it. This caused their vessel to be flooded and gave them a massive time disadvantage as they had to swap out the boat. Darren was not impressed with his nephew.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

Both of the other teams breezed through the challenge.

Meanwhile, over at the gardening challenge the teams were tasked with recreating a garden that a herb local had already made.

Jana, a self-confessed gardening lover, was excited by the “relaxing” challenge, but her happiness quickly turned to desolation when they failed it a massive thirteen times.

Harry and Teddy were much calmer during the challenge, but they too took a significant amount of time to complete it.


For the roadblock, one member of the team had to hull rice in the sun, using a heavy stick. The task caused serious blisters and a whole lot of sweat, but no one gave up.

Emma and Hayley were the first ones out of there. Darren started to melt under the pressure and threw a few jabs his nephew’s way, and Corr and Jana bickered…again.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

The Pit Stop

Emma and Hayley Watkins hit the pitstop first and earned their hotel upgrade. Alli and Angie Simpson were second and Corr and Jana were third.

It then came down to a foot race with Darren and Tristan arriving at the pitstop just moments before Harry and Teddy. Fortunately for the reality stars, it was a non-elimination leg and they were deemed safe from elimination.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

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