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The Amazing Race Recap Episode 3: George and Pam devour an ungodly amount of bananas

Could it be the end for King George?

It’s episode three of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 and the entire episode can be described in a single word: chaos.

The stunning state of Kerala in India was the destination for the nine remaining teams in the third leg. At the start, Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs trailed behind Emma ‘Wiggle’ Watkins and her sister Hayley, discussing their love for the classic tune Hot Potato, while Angie Simpson charmed taxi drivers with kisses in exchange for discounted rides.

Challenge and detours

Upon reaching the Detour, our celebrity contestants were faced with a choice: painting a tiger on a local’s belly or participating in a traditional kids’ game at the sports ground.

The Amazing Race. Seven.

Angie and Alli Simpson conquered the painting challenge with enthusiasm while Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougan and Harry and Teddy chose the game.

The two male teams finished first and both decided to attempt the Fast Forward option. However, only one team could complete it, leaving the other to tackle the Road Block with the remaining racers.

Tristan and Darren made it to the Road Block first and had to pierce their noses and wear traditional jewellery. Tristan took the news like a champ. While Darren was initially reluctant to do the piercing, he finally caved “for the kids” of the charity he’s supporting.

The Amazing Race. Seven.

Being the first team to complete the Fast Forward, the freshly pierced duo advanced directly to the Pitstop, leaving Harry and Teddy scrambling to face the Road Block.

At the Road Block, one team member had to learn how to drive a Tuk Tuk at the local driving school. Jana Pittman swiftly gave her 16-year-old son some tips on the difference between manual and automatic vehicles, but it took a few failed attempts and words of encouragement from his mum before he succeeded.

Unfortunately, disaster struck when Cor Pittman realized he left his bag behind during their car journey to the next challenge, forcing the team to turn back. This setback would go down as one of the biggest in Race history.

Meanwhile, George Mladenov discovered the forgotten bag back at the Tuk Tuk challenge and had a choice: bring it to Cor or leave it. Being the strategic player he is, George decided to leave the bag, realizing it could potentially give him and Pam Mladenov a chance to escape last place.

The Amazing Race. Seven.

Challenge Two and the Pit Stop

Finally, the teams had to devour their way through a bowl of 30 bananas until they found a blue one. Psychic-medium Jackie Gillies managed to manifest a blue banana with her powers, acing the challenge on her first try. However, George and Pam weren’t so lucky and went through a whopping 24 bananas before they stumbled across the blue one.

By this point, Darren and Tristan had reached the Pit Stop and took out first place.

The Amazing Race. Seven.

Back at the competition grounds, after collecting their lost bag, Jana and Cor arrived and successfully completed the banana challenge in just seven attempts. However, in their excitement to board the boat, they forgot their bags… AGAIN!

The final showdown was between Jana and Cor and George and Pam in a boat race. Unfortunately, George and Pam finished last, but to their surprise, it was a non-elimination leg. King George is saved once again.

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