The Amazing Race Recap Episode 9: A team of celebrities spit the dummy over a Speed Bump

Will they finish the leg?

It’s episode 9 of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 and with the tensions rising there were quite a few tantrums from the celebrity contestants.

The five remaining teams headed to Cambodia’s second-largest city, Siem Reap to tackle the challenges, which were some of the hardest yet on this season.

After last week’s non-elimination leg, this loser will almost definitely be a goner, so who will it be?

The Amazing Race. Ten.


For the first challenge, the contestants were given the choice of rather jovial sounding tasks, Start The Giggles or Stop The Wobbles.

In the first, they would have to reenact a circus performance – involving lifting and cartwheels – in the second, they’d need to stay balanced on a piece of pipe for 60 seconds.

Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougal and Emma and Hayley Watkins both opted for Start The Giggles, while the rest chose Stop The Wobbles.

It was Alli and Angie Simpson who faced the most problems with the challenge. Angie explained that she’d had two surgeries on her feet and nerve damage, so she struggled to hold onto the pipe with her toes.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

The mother-daughter team switched to the other Roadblock, but when they arrived there they realised Angie wouldn’t be able to do the cartwheels because of her back troubles, so they changed back.

While all of the teams advanced through the challenges, the Simpsons fell behind. However, Angie used her mental strength to focus on her late grandma and made it through the task.

Challenge One

In the next challenge, racers had to transport 40 brooms to a furniture shop using bicycles.

Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs, who were last in the previous non-elimination round, had to complete an additional task called Speed Bump. They had to collect another 40 brooms and deliver them by hand.

When they found out this tidbit, the reality TV veterans absolutely lost it and had a tantrum in the middle of the street. Producers were bought in and Harry asked them to “put yourself in our shoes”, however, the producers DGAF and basically told them to like it or lump it.

Harry and Teddy decided to put their “big boy pants on” and collected their brooms before ditching them at the shop lady’s feet.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

Regardless, they passed the task but were running far behind.

Elsewhere in the challenge, most contestants completed it without an issue, but Jana and Corr Pittman had another bicker because the mum didn’t realise that the brooms were sticking out the bottom of the bike, which caused them to fail the task the first time round.

Final Challenge

At the final task, contestants had to pick 50 lotus flowers from a field of, well, mud. Hilarity ensued when the celebrities fell face down in the paddocks, and most of them emerged looking like they’d been wrestling piglets.

The Amazing Race. Ten.

Once the flowers had been collected, the contestants had to break off the ends and extract small slivers of silk from the stem These silk threads then had to be rolled together to create one long thin piece.

Emma and Hayley sailed through the task and were the first out, and Harry and Teddy had a miraculous comeback and slotted into second place.

The Checkpoint

With a strong lead, Emma and Hayley were the first to the mat. Harry and Teddy came second and Tristan and Darren came third.

Both Alli and Angie and Jana and Corr were stuck at the silk challenge,. The mum-and-daughter duo emerged just before their competitors and it was Jana and Corr who were eliminated from the race.

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