Ridge and Jade on MAFS

Which Married at First Sight 2024 couples are still together?

Who is doomed and who is still going strong?

It’s no secret that Married at First Sight has a track record of bringing together some of the most controversial characters in the country, but with season 11 well underway, which couples from this year’s experiment are still together?

**WARNING: This article contains potential spoilers for MAFS 2024.**

Back bigger than ever, these new brides and grooms have dove headfirst into the intensity of fast-tracked relationships, laying their cards on the table, revealing their most vulnerable sides as they get real in front of Australia.

But with the ultimate goal of making their marriage a long-term success, which couples have stood the test of time, moving beyond cooked best man speeches, Confessions Week, the Retreat and each other?

We investigate which Married at First Sight 2024 couples are still together!

Jade and Ridge

Jade and Ridge have quickly become fan favourites, and it looks as though things are still going swimmingly for the two.

Jade has a temporary Instagram account where she shares photos while she’s unable to use her own account because of the show’s social media rules. She posted an absolutely MASSIVE spoiler in her stories when she shared a close-up photo of a man lying on the bed with a tattoo just reads “Jade”.

Upon close inspection, the other tattoos on the man’s back match Ridge’s! Which means that the couple are almost definitely still together.

You can see those pics here.

Stephen and Michael

Michael and Stephen are one of the few pairs of contestants who’ve followed the producer’s orders and have kept the status of their relationship under wraps.

While the grooms still follow one another on Instagram, there haven’t been any sightings of Michael and Stephen together since filming wraps, which leads us to believe that they might have split.

Verdict: it’s 50/50

Lucinda and Timothy

Despite their obvious differences, Timothy and Lucinda have quickly become MAFS fan favourites. Lucinda has managed to help Timothy start to open up, but both sides have hit a few speed bumps along the way in their relationship.

Things are wishy-washy about whether the two remain in a romantic relationship, however, they were pictured together on Valentine’s Day.

Chattr exclusively published photos of Timothy and Lucinda sinking beers together on a Sydney rooftop on the day of love. Plus, they were also snapped out and about and in great spirits. However, Timothy was also papped sharing lunch with a mystery woman.

Instagram account MAFSGossip also shared leaked photos of the TV couple at a BBQ in Melbourne this week. Timothy and Lucinda look very close in the photos, with her cuddling into his shoulder.

Verdict: The jury is still out about whether Lucinda and Timothy are still together.

Sara and Tim

Are Tim and Sara still together?

After locking eyes at the altar, Sara and Tim were smitten with each other. However, things turned sour on the honeymoon when the couple had a bitter fight over, erm, Sara not liking the tequila served.

Things took a suss turn during Confessions Week when Sara refused to do a task which involved handing her phone over to Tim and letting him go through it.

And, it looks as though things never turned around for the couple. Tim was recently pictured out and about in Queensland with a brunette named Barbara.

The photos, which were published by Daily Mail Australia, show Tim and Barbara on a cute day out shopping for plants together. In one of the pics, Tim ironically looks over Barbara’s shoulder at her phone, and it another she plants a kiss on his cheek.

However, all hope isn’t lost for Tim and Sara as pals! They were recently spotted out on a date night in Sydney’s Double Bay. While Sara lives in Sydney, Tim’s based in Queensland, which begs the question of what he was doing in NSW.

You can see those pics here.

Verdict: Sara and Tim aren’t together, but seem to be on good terms.

Ellie and Ben

Well if one thing is for sure, it’s that Ellie and Ben didn’t work out. The juiciest spoiler this season (so far!) involves Ellie striking up a romantic connection with Jonothan, who was matched with Lauren.

Ellie was spotted cuddled up with fellow groom Jono McCullough, who’s matched with Lauren Dunn, at her work party last December. After that tidbit was leaked, Daily Mail Australia shared some photos of a steamy make-out sesh in the ocean between Ellie and Jono.

Furthermore, Ben has updated his Facebook profile to one of him and his new girlfriend Aileen, and Ellie has come out swinging saying that Ben was seeing the woman while filming the show.

Verdict: They’re absolutely not together.

Jayden and Eden

Jayden and Eden. Married at First Sight, Nine

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud are one of the strongest couples on MAFS 2024 after meeting for the first time at the altar. And now, Jayden’s brother Mitch Eynaud may have just given away the ending for their love story.

In October 2023, he shared a photo of himself on a couch cuddled up with a golden retriever. Not only does the dog look identical to Eden’s dog Cub, but guess what Mitch originally called the dog in the caption? Yup, Cub.

You can see the pics here!

Verdict: Jayden and Eden are living happily ever after…with Cub AND bro, Mitch!

Jack and Tori

Jack and Tori. Married at First Sight, Nine

Jack Dunkley, 34, a personal trainer from the Gold Coast was matched with Tori Adams, 27, a business development owner from Victoria.

Upon requesting a partner more inclined to submission, Jack was instead presented with a strong and independent woman, raised by an equally strong and independent single mother!

With red flags galore, Jack was determined to be the dominant force in the relationship and while Tori was smitten with her new husband, at their wedding, her best friend Leah felt his vibe was “off” — especially since all of his guests were clients from the gym!

Coupled with the fact that he gives off a certain Harrison Boon 2.0 je ne sais quoi and that he didn’t feel a spark with his new wife, we thought this relo was destined for the bin!

However, in a plot twist for the ages, it turns out that Jack and Tori are still together with the pair even spending Christmas together in Melbourne! Unbelievable!

Plus, Tori took to a private Instagram account on February 14th to share a photo of her holding some flowers, and the note referred to her as “wife”. So, unless Tori got married to a rando between when filming and now, it’s safe to say that the bunch she’s holding is from Jack.

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