Mitch Eynaud MAFS 2024

Mitch Eynaud admits deep “regrets” about MAFS experience with Ella Ding at brother’s wedding

"I wish I’d trusted it now"

Married at First Sight 2024 saw the return of 2023 Groom Mitch Eynaud, whose brother Jayden married Eden Harper during episode three of the hit series.

While Jayden had reservations about the experiment, his nuptials caused Mitch to reflect on his journey with Ella Ding whom he left broken-hearted at their Final Vows, unprepared for the commitment.

“Very nostalgic, this. Very nostalgic,” Mitch said while watching his brother try on suits. “I didn’t trust the experiment. I wish I’d trusted it now, a little bit more, and to open up and be myself. That I regret. I wish I’d poured my heart out and been more honest.”

Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud, Married at First Sight. Nine

During the couple’s first dance, Mitch said it gave him “flashbacks” to his wedding day.

“How Ella and I were,” he said. “It brought back a lot of feelings you know? It is bittersweet, definitely. Ella was a great person. She is a beautiful girl and I have a huge amount of regret.”

However, Mitch admitted that his brother would most likely not share the same fate, given he was ready to settle down and meet Mrs Right.

“But Jayden and I are very, very different. Yeah, I like it, man. I don’t necessarily have that very melty, soft side like he does. So he’s gonna go all the way. Go big, don’t wig.”

Meanwhile, Jayden was hopeful his new Bride wouldn’t judge him based on his brother.

“I just hope she doesn’t judge and make judgments about me,” he said, while also being concerned that Eden wasn’t attracted to him from the get-go.

Jayden and Eden, Married at First Sight. Nine
Jayden and Eden, Married at First Sight. Nine

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