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MAFS 2024: Meet Jayden, whose brother is a well-known ex Married At First Sight groom

Find out who it is

It appears as though the Eynauds have a thing for blind marriages because this year’s groom Jayden Eynaud is actually the brother of former MAFS groom Mitch Eynaud.

Mitch starred in MAFS 2023 and was married to Ella Ding. The couple broke up at the final ceremony but rekindled their relationship before the Reunion Dinner Party. However, they ended up splitting shortly after.

Now, it’s his brother Jayden’s turn; he’s tying the knot in the 2024 instalment of the popular reality TV show.

According to his Channel 9 bio, Jayden thinks that he’s very different from his brother. He calls himself “focused, disciplined and obsessive” and says his busy schedule sees him “working around the clock”.

Mitch and Jayden from MAFS
MAFS. Nine.

What does Jayden do for work?

Jayden works as a personal trainer and professional kickboxer by day and a security guard by night.

He’s previously shared his busy work schedule on Instagram, which involves waking up at 4am, and having personal training clients and student calls before 10am.

“10:30 am and Most people are only just rolling into their office with an empty heart and full stomach which they did not earn, With not an ounce of passion for the work their about to perform or the day ahead. Whilst I’ve already been working for 6 hours,” he captioned the post.

“And I’ll be working another 4 hours still after they finish. That’s an extra 10 hours per day I’m getting that the average person isn’t, times 6 days a week, that 60 hours ahead you are getting.”

He’s labelled an F-Boy

Jayden’s official MAFS bio notes that he’s “misunderstood and often labelled a ‘bad F boy'”.

Jayden from MAFS

Apparently, he gets a lot of attention from women but “never the right kind of attention”.

Jayden is looking for a woman that’s “fit, ambitious and independent”, and who is also “up for the challenge of breaking his walls down.”

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