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All hell hath broken loose between Sara and Tim on MAFS, so does she have something to hide?

Hmmm, she truly is being a little suss!

Well, well, well. Drama at a Married at First Sight dinner party? Well, I never… especially given it involved Sara, Tim and… *checks notes* our angel, Cassandra! But with all this yelling and screaming, surely Sara has something to hide…

But before we go snooping, here’s a fun lil’ recap to get you up to speed in case you missed the chaos during the Wednesday, February 14 ep!

The Dinner Party Explosion

After admitting that she and her hubby Tristan were working through a helluva lot during their ~jOurNEy~ together, Cassandra turned the tables on Sara and asked Why TF she had cancelled on not one, not two but THREE DATES with Tim.

“Sara, I just want to ask you, because he just said he’s planned three dates with you,” Cassandra began. “We’ve left everything behind to be here for this experiment. Literally blocked out this time to find a husband, and you’ve cancelled on three dates?!

Go off, Cassandra! MAFS. Nine
Go off, Cassandra! MAFS. Nine

“Your purpose and priorities are your husband and to be in it and to try and make it work.” SLOW CLAPS, BABE. SLOW CLAPS.

To this, Sara revealed she was “in a bad place” and that her relo with Tim “was in a bad place”, so basically what she is saying is that her marriage is the bad place…and that Tim was the worst.

Perplexed, Tim joins the conversation, reiterating that he had organised said dates and wasn’t the worst; however, Sara WOULD. NOT. LET. HIM. SPEAK. and he ends up yelling at her.

Tim is angry. MAFS, Nine
Tim is angry. MAFS, Nine

Sara is then mad that he’s mad that she’s mad and then got so mad he yelled at her… before she got even more mad and stormed off.

“DoN’T yOu DarE YelL at Me, YoU PRiCk,” she screamed. So cute!

When speaking with the other Brides who had followed her, Sara admitted that she couldn’t handle spending 24/7 with her Groom — even though that is the literal experiment. Because of this, she had to have weekends off to spend time with her “girlfriends”.

Look, we’re not saying that she’s fabricating her story, but we’re not not saying it either, because we’re not convinced. Like at all.

Sara and Tori. MAFS, Nine
Sara and Tori. MAFS, Nine

Reasons why we’re a little suss on Sara

Sara wouldn’t show Tim her phone during confessions week

During Confessions Week, Sara refused to show Tim her phone causing his fear of being cheated on to rear its debilitating head.

While she was adamant there was nothing to hide, it may have something to do with the fact that she was messaging ex-MAFS groom Ollie Skelton.

The TL;DR of it all is that Tahnee mentioned in an interview that Ollie had been messaging Sara while she was on the show, but he didn’t tell his ex what they were talking about. Ollie took to his own Instagram to defend himself and included a single screenshot of a text between himself and Sara.

The 2024 MAFS bride she has since spoken about the reason she didn’t want to hand over her phone on 9Now.

“You’ve got to remember, we are strangers like at this point we’ve only known each other for a week,” Sara told the outlet, once again detailing the entire premise of this show.

“Phones are like a diary for a lot of people and I just didn’t know how far he was going to look into it. I feel like it’s a very private thing.” Hmmm….

Tim and Sarah, MAFS. Nine
Tim and Sarah, MAFS. Nine

The February 18 Commitment Ceremony teaser is v suss

During the teaser for the February 18 Commitment Ceremony, expert Mel Schilling calls Sara out for her behaviour.

“The yelling, the pointing..,” she says before asking the Bride a very tough question.

“What’s the genuine reason you’ve cancelled on him three times,” Mel asks her, to which Sara replies… “So…”.

The Ex- Factor

Let’s not forget how Sara admitted during their wedding that she had been hung up on her ex-boyfriend for years… i.e their on-again-off-again relo which went from lovers, to FWB to haters and beyond, over and over again…

Could she be back in the cycle?!


Hmmm, indeed….

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