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Proof that MAFS golden couple Eden and Jayden are still together

Did Jayden's brother give it away at the start of the season?

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud have undoubtedly been one of the strongest couples on MAFS 2024, so do they make it as a couple in the real world?

Well, early on in the season, Jayden’s brother Mitch Eynaud may have just given away the ending for their love story.

In October 2023, he shared a photo of himself on a couch cuddled up with a golden retriever. Not only does the dog look identical to Eden’s dog Cub, but guess what Mitch originally called the dog in the caption? Yup, Cub.

The original Instagram post.

Perhaps realising that the post was a dead giveaway, Mitch has since edited the caption to read, “What a guy! ❤️”.

Suss… Very suss.

The edited Instagram post.

Eden and Jayden’s Final Vows

Eden and Jayden agreed to stay together at Final Vows, which came as a surprise to absolutely no one.

“You’re an amazing woman who deserves a true gentleman to stand beside you,” Jayden told Eden.

“Eden, the feeling I have for you I’ve never felt in my life, there is nobody else I want to be with,” he added. “I truly love you with all of my heart.”

Final Vows. Nine.

Eden’s Dog Cub

Eden has spoken about her dog Cub a lot on MAFS 2024, and has said that he helped her get through her breakup with her ex, who cheated on her with her best friend.

The 28-year-old also regularly shares photo on her Instagram with Cub, who clearly looks a lot like the dog that Jayden’s brother, and former MAFS 2024 groom Mitch is posing with.

Eden and Cub. Instagram.

Eden and Jayden’s pairing

Eden and Jayden were both delighted with the MAFS expert’s pairing. The couple have gone from strength to strength on their honeymoon in Airlie Beach, Queensland.

Eden asked the experts to “match her with someone ambitious, generous and loyal.”

Jayden told the experts that he’s misunderstood and “often labelled a bad F boy”. He said that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Jayden said that while he gets a lot of attention from women, it’s “never the right kind of attention”.

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