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MAFS 2024: Meet Jack Dunkley, who’s apparently another one of the show’s many love rats


Much like weddings and flowers, MAFS and love rats tend to go hand in hand. And, apparently, this year’s dodgy groom is none other than Jack Dunkley.

Of course, it’s pretty damn clear that Jack will be one of this season’s villains, too.

A source told Daily Mail Australia that Jack’s antic will be so wild that he’ll even top 2023 groom Harrison Boon in the villain stakes.

“Jack’s antics make Harrison look like a sweet angel,” their source said.

MAFS. Nine.

Word on the street is that Jack, who is paired with Tori Adams on the show, gets into it with groom Jono McCullough, who’s paired with Lauren Dunn.

“[Jack] told Jono to put a muzzle on his wife,” a show insider told the publication. ‘It was shocking and disgusting. All the experts were appalled.”

Why is Jack a love rat?

According to Daily Mail Australia, Jack dumped his girlfriend at the time, Courtney, when he found out he was being cast on MAFS Australia 2024. The publication reported that Jack told the woman that he was “moving overseas” for work.

Which… he obviously wasn’t.

What did Jack’s ex say about the wedding?

When photos leaked online of Jack and his MAFS bride Tori Adams exchanging vows, his ex was allegedly left “reeling”.

“‘Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me. Tells me it’s for [a] ‘work opportunity in America’ only to find out he’s on MAFS in Sydney,’ Courtney wrote on The Wash‘s Instagram picture of the wedding.

In another comment, she wrote: “When someone tells you they love you, introduces you to their family, lies to you saying they are going America ‘for a work opportunity’ only to find out they broke your heart to be on MAFS.”

At the time, Courtney also spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia about her ex.

“I even started selling my furniture when we were together as we spoke about moving in together. This is definitely the worst thing a man has ever done to me. I’d been driving myself crazy for a month wondering why everything was so shady [when he ended it],” she said.

What does Jack do for a job?

Considering his cheese-grater abs, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Jack is a personal trainer.

He loves sharing a selfie on IG to show off her hard work. See Exhibit A:

What is Jack looking for in a partner?

According to his official MAFS bio, Jack is looking for someone who’s glamorous, fit, has a nice smile, is tanned and ideally brunette.

He has a structured and controlled lifestyle and wants someone who can slot into that.

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