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MAFS 2024: Ellie slams Ben in savage comment and reveals he had a girlfriend in the experiment

"Did you forget we were friends on here buddy?"

Ben Walters has debuted his new girlfriend while his scenes with Ellie Dix are still playing out on TV, and the MAFS bride has a thing or two to say about it.

Although Ellie and Ben are still technically coupled up on the show, on Wednesday, Ben made the brazen move to change his Facebook profile photo to one of him and his new girlfriend Aileen.

But, the plot thickened when Ellie took to the comments section to reveal that Aileen isn’t exactly a new galpal.

“Dear Ben,” the now-deleted comment begins. “Ellie breaks her silence.”

“Did you forget we were friends on here buddy? Classic. I actually heard from Timothy Smith you were seeing Aileen before you went on MAFS (you told him at lunch when you were in Melbourne) talk about the pot calling the kettle black,” she continued.

Ben’s profile has now been locked, but, fortunately, a fan screenshotted Ellie’s comment and Yahoo Lifestyle published it.

Ellie doubles down on claims Ben was acting up for the camera

Ellie’s lengthy Facebook comment didn’t just call out Ben over his new (?) girlfriend, but she also accused him of changing his behaviour when production was around.

“Everything you did and said to me was conveniently off camera and then production would come in our apartment and you’d turn on the ‘act'”, she wrote. “As for saying I was messaging another husband the entire experiment, again, more lies. You know it, I know it, the entire bloody cast knows it. The truth will come out.”

“It’s not a bad edit, it’s a mirror being held up and for once take some accountability for your behaviour,” she concluded.

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