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Game over! Wes makes Bachelor history with a groundbreaking decision

Well...we saw this coming!

Wesley Senna Cortes has made The Bachelor Australia history and TBF, we saw this coming from a mile away!

**WARNING: This article contains spoilers for episode nine of The Bachelors Australia 2023.**

During episode nine of the 2023 season (which was uploaded to 10Play on December 13) Wes decided to become exclusive with Brea, sending the rest of his girls home.

The episode began with Wes sitting down with a producer, revealing he’d made a YUGE decision; with the producer saying this was a Bachie first. Given Nick Cummins had already taken the crown of choosing no one, this was ANOTHER cray-cray first…and actually, it’s kinda cute!

Wesley The Bachelors 2023
Wesley, The Bachelors. 10

Earlier in the day, Wes had chatted with Ben Waddell and Luke Bateman, telling them that he was planning to ask just one girl to be his GF. After the initial shock, they were all like, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” because seriously, Luke just needs to choose Ellie and put the rest of the girls out of their misery…

“A friend of mine said, ‘Wes, once you get out, I need to ask you a question. I feel like the Bachelors know from day one who they want to end this with,'” Wes said in a confessional. “To which I said, ‘I don’t know I’ll have to tell you later’.”

He then went on to say that during the first night, he had noticed Brea straight away.

“I looked over to the back. She was very nervous and I just knew.”

When telling Brea of his decision, he admitted that their “spark had kept on growing”, before popping ye olde “exclusive” question!

Naturally, she said yes and they skipped off into the sunset… or did they?!

The overnight date spells trouble for Wes and Brea

Now BF and GF, Brea accompanied Wes on an overnight stay. While they had an incredible time, when it came time to sleeping arrangements, things got, well, a little awkward.

ICYMI – Wes’ only personality during this entire season has been the fact that he is a virgin, a revelation that has not only been of concern for Brea but was also part of the reason Jade self-eliminated.

Cut back to the overnight and Wes revealed that he didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as Brea which left her feeling a little… perplexed.

Wes and Brea, The Bachelors. 10
Wes and Brea, The Bachelors. 10

Being a “sexual person”, Brea was hoping to do everything but the sexy time and given he doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married — and potentially even sleep in the same bed until then — we don’t love their chances…

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