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Leaked photos of Natalie prove she doesn’t end up with The Bachelors’ Ben

Does this mean he leaves single?

Warning: there are alleged The Bachelors spoilers below, if you don’t want to know what happened then you should exit the article now.

Pictures have leaked of front-runner Natalie Benson leaving an Airbnb during filming looking distraught, suggesting that she won’t win The Bachelors 2023.

Natalie, who’s built a strong bond with Bachelor Ben Waddell on the show, was pictured leaving the accommodation on July 31, which was right around the time that the finale was filmed.

The photos were published by Daily Mail Australia and the publication said that the onlooker reported that Natalie looked ‘visibly upset and exhausted”.

“She was acting very suspicious, and had three large suitcases with her name on them and was trying to avoid eye contact,” they added.

The Bachelors. Ten.

Does Ben Waddell leave the show single?

Despite his struggle with shyness, Ben Waddell has been the most in-demand suitor on The Bachelors 2023, however, his latest move suggests that he left the show alone.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the 36-year-old was spotted with his arms around a mystery blonde woman while attending Vodka Soda &’s Pool Club Summer event in Sydney on Friday, December 1st.

The publication reported that Ben was overheard saying that he was excited for the premiere because he was happy with all the friends he made on the series. Keyword friends.

Ben Waddell. Instagram.

Going by his appearance at the Vodka Soda &’s event there’s every chance that Ben left the show single, and the recent pap shots of Natalie support that theory.

Who are the current Bachelors?

Like last season, The Bachelors 2023 has three suitors, Ben Waddell, Luke Bateman and Wesley Cortes Senna.

Ben is an environmentalist who’s “just moved back to Australia”, presumably from Los Angeles as he’s involved in the entertainment industry.

Wesley is a marketing and sales manager who has vowed to be Australia’s “favourite Brazillian Bachelor” and Luke, is an NRL player come lumberjack.

The Bachelors. Ten.

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