Brea on The Bachelors

The Bachelors 2023: Meet Brea, the nomadic country girl dividing The Bachelors

She's not one to be tied down!

Brea Marshall is a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of contestants looking for blue ticks on Instagram and their next spon-con deal.

Unsurprisingly, the laid-back beauty has caught the eye of not one, but two of this year’s Bachelors.

While Brea was originally pursued by Wesley Senna Cortes, but she’s since struck up a connection with NRL player turned lumberjack, Luke Bateman.

So who is Brea, the adventurous contestant who is making waves in The Bachelors mansion?

Brea Marshall. Instagram.

According to her 10 bio, she loves the outdoors and enjoys camping, freediving, spearfishing and surfing. So, Wesley’s pick for a surfing date at the wave pool was right on the money for her.

Her Instagram page is littered with photos of her travelling and being in basically any form of water – from oceans to lakes to creeks and even waterfalls.

Brea Marshall. Instagram.

Learning from past experiences, Brea is determined to find a man who will put as much effort into the relationship as she does.

“I want to feel like they want me and that I’m not a burden on them. I also find it really unattractive if they are lazy and unmotivated or aggressive with a controlling nature,” she said.

The down-to-earth nature lover isn’t sure if she’s ever been in love, but is ready to find the right person and make that leap of faith.

Brea Marshall. Instagram.

When it comes to some downtime, Brea loves a romcom and her fav flick is The Wedding Date. She believes that her choice of movies correlates with her personality.

“I’m such a people pleaser, I am always saying sorry, always putting others ahead of myself, worried about how people perceive me, chasing a guy that isn’t worth my time. When I just let my hair down and enjoy myself, I attract quality men and I need to remind myself of this more.”

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