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The Bachelors 2023’s Wes drops a MAHOOSIVE bombshell during a date with Brea

"As a matter of fact, I've..."

The Bachelors Australia 2023’s Wes Cortes has dropped a massive bombshell while on a date with Brea and let’s just say, we are v surprised.

After the weird AF underwater photoshoot, Wes invited Brea back to his Bach Pad where things took an unexpected turn.

After admitting that he had never had a girlfriend before, he said he had grown up with “Christian values” and didn’t want to be “another reason for girls not to trust men”.

“I never saw myself as being a one-night stand guy and as a matter of fact, I’ve never had sex,” he said.


Brea, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten
Brea, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten

“You’ve never had sex?” she asked, before saying: “Awwwwww!”

During a confessional, Brea said it was “very rare” to meet a 32-year-old who has “amazing qualities” and to be a virgin.

He then went on to say it was because of his religion and “values”.

“I hold onto them so strongly. Sex is potentially one of the most vulnerable things you can ever do with someone.”

Was, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten
Was, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten

Brea, a little shook, used the word “wow” approx. 1000 times before saying that she was “nervous” at the beginning of the date that he would try to progress too quickly, but now she was nervous that he wouldn’t “progress at all”.

“I still want to get to know you even more,” she told him.

Their date ended in a hug.

The rose ceremony note

Meanwhile, Holly — who has been torn between Ben and Wes (although she’s def more keen on Ben) — was given a rose by Wes.

After Angie had been sent home, Wes then slipped Holly a note.

“To the girl on the stairs…” she began, before an eff off huge “to be continued” played.

The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten

What was in the note? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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