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Love Island AU 2023 Recap Episode 8: A fave couple is headed for donezo and an Islander is dumped

After allll that!

It’s episode eight of Love Island Australia 2023 and tooooonight it’s a villa divided as our fave couple is put in jeopardy and all the drama is for naught as one featured Islander is dumped from the villa.

Here’s what happened…

In case you missed it, Hurricane Abby caused a stir during episode seven when she spilled the tea to Lucinda about Kiwi Ken Zac’s potential interest in her social media following. She also let Savanah a.k.a Sav know that T-Dawg Trent’s interest in her was fading. Drama alert!

We begin with the aftermath of Kiwi Ken and T-Dawg’s confrontation.

Nate follows Hurricane Abby to the bedroom, telling the boys it’s “not right” and Kiwi Ken doubles down in front of “This Guy 🙄” Reid and Pete Gunn Kelly Kale.

Lucinda and Kirra try calming Abby down, telling Nate to stay out of it.

Hurricane Abby. Nine

Meanwhile, outside, Tia and Nate go head-to-head over how the situation was handled.

“You just need to be careful what you say in here, mate,” she tells him.

Nate tells the group that he hates how the girls “have each other’s back”, saying they shouldn’t have let “two boys attack her like that”

Nate goes into the bedroom to comfort Hurricane Abby. He tells her that he shouldn’t worry about their opinion.

“I’ve drank too much water because the tears won’t stop,” Abby says.

Voiceover Eoghan: “By that logic, does it mean the boys have drunk too much testosterone?” LOL!

The boys apologise and cracks form in Tia and Nate’s relationship

Lucinda and Kiwi Ken debrief and she tells him she just wanted to be comforted, not have him and his apprentice attack Hurricane Abby.

To their credit, the boys head to the bedroom to apologise to Abby.

Tia and Nate then sit down to talk about the situation.

Tia doesn’t like the way Nate handled the situation and she reveals she’s the type of girl to “stay out of the drama”.

“I’m not going to rescue you at the end of the day, especially if you’re not my friend,” Tia says. Ouch.

During a confessional, Tia says: “You don’t need a pat on the back for something you wanted to do, Nate.”

“She’s not my friend, bro.” Tia. Nine

After Hurricane Abby had simmered down, “This Guy 🙄” Reid checks to see if she’s OK.

Abby defends herself yet again, telling Reid that she was just giving Lucinda her “opinion”. Anyway, they then have a pointless conversation about how big the moon is and a stray cat is like WTAF?!

(For the record, the Moon is about one-quarter the size of Earth….)

Cat be like: Qué?!

The Hideaway is officially open

Thankfully, their intelligent conversation is interrupted by “I’VE GOT A TEXXXXXXT”, courtesy of Sav.

In exciting news, the Hideaway is now officially open and the crew decide to send Ben and Tyra — who actually seem like the only couple in the villa, not at breaking point.

“I think it’ll be amazing for them to have some time away, they’ll be able to have one-on-one chats and maybe do some naughty things,” Kirra says.

During their stay, both Ben and Tyra “connect on a deeper level”, their once rollercoaster relo now smooth sailing.

Ben and Tyra snuggling in the Hideaway. Nine

“I’m on top of the world,” Tyra says before later telling the girls that everything was strictly PG.

Meanwhile, back in the villa, Lucinda whispers to Kiwi Ken: “I think I’m falling for you.” Cute!

The next day, Lucinda tells Hurricane Abby, she shouldn’t shut things down with Nate, considering he and Tia are officially headed for donezo.

As for Lucinda’s own relo, Kiwi Ken organises a cheese platter for them on the balcony, complete with shirtless waiters and bad Spanish.

Kiwi Ken and Lucinda. Nine

Nate and Tia…hate each other

Following Kiwi Ken’s lead, Nate decides to sit down for a picnic with Tia.

While it starts off OK, Tia can’t understand why Nate had to involve himself in the Hurricane Abby/Kiwi Ken/T-Dawg great confrontation of 2023.

“I’m not mad at you,” she tells him, before seemingly being mad with him.

“I think you and I have two different scopes on situations,” he tells her and she agrees, before telling the others their date was dying a slow death.

When talking to PGK later on, Nate admits that if there was a recoupling tonight, he wouldn’t pick her. Ouch!

A Recoupling Ceremony and one Islander is dumped

Unfortunately, the joke was on Nate because later, Sophie Monk arrives to surprise the Villa with a Recoupling Ceremony.

First off, being the latest addition to the island, Abby gets her pick of da boiz.

“I would like to Couple Up with this boy because we have had good chats so far, I would really like to get to know him a bit better and every time I see him I do smile,” she said, before choosing “This Guy 🙄” Reid.

After the announcement, Kirra is unbothered by the choice and delivers possibly the best line ever. “She stole my problem, not my man.” YESSSS, KIRRA!!

“I need that on a t-shirt,” Sophie says.


Following this, four other pairs were cemented.

  • T-Dawg and Sav
  • Kiwi Ken and Lucinda
  • PGK and Nakia
  • Tyra and Ben

Finally, Nate is left with the decision to choose between Kirra and Tia.

He is torn, but ultimately chooses to keep Tia and Kirra is Dumped from le villa… after ALL THAT!!

“A lot has been running through my head. Kirra has been awesome to me, she’s been the one that asked me how I’m feeling and genuinely cares and I’ve loved seeing her in the Villa every single day,” he said. “It’s going to be tough.”

He then tells Kirra he almost chose her before he says goodbye.

The aftermath of this will be interesting!

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