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MKR 2023 Recap Episode 14 – Semi-Finals: After a nail-biting episode, the Grand Finalists were named

Two teams were eliminated from the competition!

It’s episode 14 of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and time for the Semi-Finals!

Radha and Prabha, Sonia and Marcus, Tommy and Rach, and Nick and Christian competed across three courses.

Here’s what they cooked.

Manu Feildel, Nigella Lawson and Colin Fassnidge. Seven

Round One

During Round One there was an unexpected twist! instead of a conventional entrée, the teams were challenged to create amuse-bouche, delectable one-bite canapés.

“What we are looking for is one single bite of joy,” guest judge Nigella Lawson explained.


Sonia and Marcus

Scallop on Potato Crisp with Pea Purée

Nick and Christian

Salmon Tartae

Tommy and Rach

Stuffed Mushroom

Radha and Prahba

Seekh Kebab with Mint Yoghurt and Roti

Team Eliminated

Tommy and Rach


Sonia and Marcus

Pork Cotoletta Tonnato with Fennel Salad

Nick and Christian

Ox Tongue with Tuna Gribiche

Radha and Prahba

Chilli Masala Crab with Rice and Cucumber


Radha and Prahba

Rosewater and Cardamom Panna Cotta with Pistachio Crumble

Nick and Christian

Poached Apple with Whisky Caramel

Sonia and Marcus

Hazelnut Chocolate Daquoise

Team Eliminated and Grand Finalists

After the main and desserts were served, Sonia and Marcus were eliminated leaving Radha and Prahba and Nick and Christian and is this year’s My Kitchen Rules Grand Finalists!

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