Claudean and Anthony

My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 8: Dessert just isn’t her thing — Claudean fails…again

But how did the rest go?

It’s episode eight of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and time for Claudean and Anthony to cook again.

Their Instant Restaurant, Papa Mu’s is back for redemption and they are both eager to impress. Their Italian-themed menu will pay homage to Claudean’s childhood and she brings photos of her elders into the kitchen to watch over them while they cook.


Stuffed Zucchini Flowers on Basil Pesto 


  • The dish is mostly well-received by everyone at the table


Rabbit Stew with Thyme, Black Olives and Citrus 

  • The rabbit was cooked perfectly
  • Chris and Aaron. As they share a negative critique with the table noticing the hyper-criticism. They suspect some gameplay may be going on.




  • Dessert is a failure as the biscuits were too dry and their last ditch-effort to improve the moisture hadn’t worked.

The Scoring

  • Aaron and Chris – 4
  • Amber and Mel – 6
  • Nick and Christian – 6
  • Sonia and Marcus – 6
  • Patricija and Brigita – 7

Total Score: 29


  • Entrée – 9
  • Main – 9
  • Dessert – 2


  • Entrée – 9
  • Main – 8
  • Desert – 2

Total Score: 39

Overall score: 68

The Leaderboard

  • Aaron and Chris – 72
  • Claudean and Anthony – 68
  • Amber and Mel – Yet to cook 
  • Nick and Christian – Yet to cook 
  • Sonia and Marcus – Yet to cook 
  • Patricija and Brigita – Yet to cook 

The drama

Gatecrasher Chris interrupts Claudean and Anthony as they try to introduce their instant restaurant. Chris also rubs the OG teams the wrong way, assuming they won’t be able to redeem themselves because history has shown they can’t handle the pressure.

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