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MKR 2023 Recap Episode 13 – Quarter-Final: Nigella is back and the Semi-Final Teams are chosen

Three teams were eliminated!

It’s episode 13 a.k.a the Quarter Finals of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and the Kween has arrived! Yup, Nigella Lawson is back for Finals Week and we must bow down!

The episode was split into two rounds and given Radha and Prahba and Sonia and Marcus were already sent straight to the semi-finals, they got to sit back, relax and enjoy the food that was being served.

Colin Fassnidge then announced that since Tommy and Rach were third on the Leaderboard, they would also get a fast pass into the second round. This left Nick and Christian, Claudean and Anthony, Aaron and Chris and Amber and Mel to face off in Round One.

After the first round, one team would be eliminated and after the second, two more would be sent packing.

Here’s everything the teams cooked.

Round 1

Four fridges contained a hero ingredient: beef, pork, chicken and fruit and veg. The teams had to then choose a fridge that held the ingredients they would feature in their dish.

  • Nick and Christian: Fruit and Veg
  • Aaron and Chris: Pork
  • Claudean and Anthony: Chicken
  • Amber and Mel: Beef

The Leaderboard came into play, with each team starting to cook five minutes after the next.

Nick and Christian

Dukkah Roasted Pumpkin

Aaron and Chris

Dong Po Rou

Claudean and Anthony

Carusti Italian Chicken

Amber and Mel


Team Eliminated

Amber and Mel

Round Two

For the second round, the remaining teams had to present a dessert in 60 minutes.

Nick and Christian

Blue Cheese Cigars with Red Wine Figs

Tommy and Rach

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

Claudean and Anthony

Zeppole Two Ways

Aaron and Chris

Chocolate Fondant with Pistachio Crumb

Teams Eliminated

Claudean and Anthony and Aaron and Chris.

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