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Have they met their match? Here’s who The Bachelors chose during the finale

Thomas, Felix and Jed have all made a VERY big decision.

The Bachelors Australia 2023 drew to a close on January 29 and after the shortest season ever, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would drop down on one knee during the finale.

From polyamorous relationships to sex confessions and three engagement rings given to the blokes, this season has truly been one for the history books.

But now that’s it’s all over, our three BachelorsThomas Malucelli, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Hofe have all chosen their final ladies, surprising us all in the process.

So, who did our most eclectic bunch of Bachie babes choose during The Bachelor Australia 2023 finale?

Felix Von Hofe

Felix’ final ladies: Jess and Abigail

Arguably the most controversial Bachelor this season, Felix’ journey has been a ride to say the least.

The 32-year-old openly snogged ladies in front of…well, his other ladies and then freaked out over Jess Navin’s other boyfriend Damien Kelly.

Damien even appeared in the final episode, with Jess telling him she was closing “that chapter” on him.

Felix Von Hofe.

Felix’ final pick: Jess

During the finale, Felix was visibly nervous before Abigail, who is truly too good for him, arrived first i.e. was about to be dumped.

Speaking to her, he said: “The only constant throughout this entire chaotic journey has been you. You’re pure, funny, smart, beautiful… but I’ve been searching and searching for something…and I don’t think I’ve found her.”

Later, talking to the producers he said: “The one I’ve really been feeling for, there’s a huge elephant in the room and she’s got a boyfriend. I don’t think I’m ready for that.

“I think there’s still the option that I don’t make a choice here,” and PLEASE GOD NO.

Then Jessica arrived.

“Remember how nervous you were,” he said to Jess, reflecting on their first date.

“We’ve been through so much and I’ve had to make so many compromises and my fundamental beliefs have been questioned and then I met the parents.

“That relationship with Damien was right there in front of me.”

Jessica then explained that she had ended it with her other boyfie.

“I know that’s hard for you,” he said. “You make me feel so special. You really do. You make me feel so special.”

“Love is all about taking a risk and there’s no one else I’d rather take that risk for then you.

“Kiss me like you’re single,” Felix said and… there are no words.

Damien, Jess and Felix.

Oops, sorry. Wrong pic.

Felix chose Jessica after she dumped her other boyfie. Source: Ten.

Jed McIntosh

Jed’s final ladies: Angela and Alesia

Jed began his journey being rejected by someone he was vibing with during the first few dates causing him to become salty AF.

However, after getting over the hurt, he then chose his contenders including Tash Candyce — who was clearly on the show for air time.

However, after rejecting her return to the show (after ceremoniously leaving the Bach Pad), he was down to his final two — Angela and Alesia.

Jed McIntosh.

Jed’s final pick: Alesia

In the most Jed ending possible, he met the girls at a church, ultimately choosing the one he wanted to marry.

Before choosing Alesia, Jed brutally dumped Angela, telling her he couldn’t move forward with her because he didn’t think she could handle his life as a musician.

Since they’d had a conversation about his travels prior, she understandably felt “blindsided”.

However, after she left, Alesia joined him where he was ready to propose, even though she had explicitly said she wasn’t ready for a proposal.

“I missed you a lot,” he told her.

“Honestly, from the very first moment I met you, I came into that date and I didn’t know what to expect,” he said before adding:”I’ve completely fallen in love with you and I’ve never felt the way I have about you in my life.

“I have come here with a question,” he said, before dropping the knee.

“Oh my god,” she said.

“Alesia, will you marry me?”

“Oh my god, I don’t know what to say. F**k! Oh, f**k!”

Alesia was “thrown” by the proposal, before Jed gave her the ring anyway. LOL.

“I’ll put that on any finger you want as long as it’s not a proposal,” she said, before they made out for what felt like 55 minutes.

Jed proposed to Alesia, who turned his proposal down, but then said she would keep it. Source: Ten.

Thomas Malucelli

Thomas’ final ladies: Lauren and Leah

Thomas was by far the most emotionally available Bachelor in 2023, ready to meet the love of his life.

During the first dates, he was seen throwing roses left, right and centre.

Passionate and eager to find love, he threw himself into the ~JoUrNeY~, throwing caution to the wind.

Thomas Malucelli.

And when it came to the decision…

“I’m so sorry, you’re not the one,” Thomas told Lauren with the quickest goodbye and dumping ever.

Thomas’ pick: Leah

“It’s literally the moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” he said of Leah. before meeting her looking glam in red.

“When I first saw you my heart stopped for quite a long time. It’s been the most profound experience meeting you.

“I haven’t been in love in such a long time,” he said before thanking her for turning his “hope into reality”.

“You set me free,” she told him and then Thomas got down on one knee.

“I literally love everything about you,” he said. “I know that you’re the one.”

“Will you marry me?”

The answer, after an awkies pause, was YES!

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