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Here’s why the occupations of the bachelorettes have been removed from The Bachelors 2023

But, what do they do?!

The new season of The Bachelor Australia has seen many format changes in 2023 with three new Bachie babes, a brand new location, zero candles and a myriad of women who are there to find “The One”.

However, long-time fans of the show have been shocked to see one tiny detail from the long-standing show removed all together.

The bachelorettes’ occupations.

Long-time fans of The Bachelor have noticed that the occupations of the bachelorettes are no longer shown. Source: Ten.

Comedian and content creator Hi Josh a.k.a Josh Hawkins even questioned the missing element in a recent Insta story to his 124k followers.

After his wife Cat Hawkins asked why producers don’t cast “eligible, normal people”, Josh added: “Also, why don’t they show what the girls do anymore? Normally they’d write, ‘Jessica, physical therapist’.”

“Every single one would say ‘content creator’, ‘influencer’,” Cat joked.

This exchange prompted us to figure out where the missing information went!

Why don’t they show the bachelorette’s occupations anymore?

With the addition of two extra Bachelors — on top of the usual one — it meant triple the women on the show. This was especially the case in the first few episodes, meaning it was hard to keep track of who is dating who.

If you think about it, putting an occupation, a Bachelor’s name AND the name and age of the contestant could get a little wordy, so it seems like their job title was omitted.

Personally, we loved seeing what the gals (and guys) did, because if there’s one piece of information we will #neverforget, is that Richie Strahan was a “rope technician”.

There you have it!

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