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Australia’s latest billionaire list has been released, and someone from The Block made the cut

He officially became a billionaire this year

There are just 159 billionaires in Australia, and a familiar face from The Block has landed on the prestigious list.

The List—Australia’s Richest 250 has collated a list of the richest people in Australia. Of course, there are oil tycoons and property investors among the ranks; one of the latter who was on The Block.

Adrian Portelli, who’s commonly called ‘Lambo Guy’, came in in 115th place with an estimated fortune of $1.3 billion.

“TOP 250 BABY!! Every single one of us have doubters and haters in our lives. So instead of letting them bring you down, let their skepticism ignite your journey to new heights of success and prove every single one of them wrong. A cheers to all those bums,” Adrian wrote on Instagram about making the cover of the list.

Adrian Portelli with The List. Instagram.

Who is Adrian Portelli and how is he connected to The Block?

Adrian Portelli owns a rewards club website called LMCT+, which is the main source of his wealth. The website allows Australians to sign up for a monthly fee, and go in the running to win lavish prizes and receive shopping discounts.

Adrian was thrust into the spotlight in 2022 when he bid $5.5 million on Omar and Oz’s The Block house. He was outbid by Danny Wallis and was accused of purposely driving up the price to benefit the contestants.

However, he later proved his riches by purchasing another The Block 2022 house off the market for $4.25 million cash.

The 34-year-old billionaire showed up at The Block 2023 auctions and purchased House 4 from Steph and Gian, House 5 from Eliza and Liberty and House 1 from Kyle and Leslie for a combined total of $12.4 million dollars.

Adrian Portelli with Steph and Gian. Instagram.

“[I] proved I’m no dummy bidder, and that was the goal for today,” Adrian said after the auction, referring to The Block 2023 accusations.

“It was a fun day,” he said. “We had fun. And to see the reactions of the contestants like Steph and Gian, it was incredible.”

Steph and Gian made $1,650,000 off Adrian’s purchase, who bid one million dollars more than Danny Wallis’s $4 million bid.

“After the slack I copped last year, I had to prove I’m not a dummy bidder. I came out hard and strong,” Adrian further explained. “I feel like it’s the most appealing house to a broad audience. It was the favourite and I wanted it.”

Adrian ‘raffled’ off the three The Block 2023 houses on his website, and the winners were given the option of the house, or a lower tax-free cash prize. All three winners chose the cash prize over the house.

The Block 2024 will air on Channel 9 and 9Now in 2024.

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