Danny Wallis on The Block

Serial home buyer Danny Wallis’ HUGE real estate move has everything to do with The Block

Lucky (?) we still have Adrian Portelli!

Once upon a time, Danny Wallis was The Block’s golden boy; after former contestants finished renovating their house, he’d often swoop in and buy an assortment of them for a cool few million dollars.

However, it appears that his days of buying The Block houses are over, largely thanks to a certain Victorian man.

While many may assume that man is Adrian Portelli – the billionaire who bought three of the four houses on auction this year – it’s actually Dan Andrews. Yep, the much-talked-about former Victorian premier.

The Block. Nine.

When Andrews was in office, he brought in a property tax which stipulates that Victorian homeowners must pay land tax on secondary properties valued at $50,000 and over. The current threshold is $300,000.

Wallis, being a serious property buyer, was unsurprisingly pissed about the new law.

“I’m saving on Daniel Andrew’s land tax, I’m going to sell because I’m sick of the land tax going up and up and up,” Wallis told Herald Sun. “I’m going to move all my investments out of Victoria.”

“It’s dumb there’s a rental crisis and I’ve got to sell when so many people are looking for homes,” he added.

“I know so many landlords who are selling because of the land tax.”

Dan Andrews. Facebook.

How many houses does Danny Wallis own?

It’s unclear exactly how many houses Wallis owns, and what their value is. However, he has bought 11 individual Block properties, totalling more than $30 million dollars.

In 2022 he bought Omar and Oz’s winning property for a whopping $5.586 million as well as Tom and Sarah-Jane’s home, and Rachel and Ryan’s.

In 2021 he had another triple buy, purchasing Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito and Kirsty Lee and Jesse’s.

While Danny attended the 2023 auction, he didn’t purchase a single house. Instead, Steph and Gian, Eliza and Liberty and Lesley and Kyle’s house were snapped up by the relatively new The Block buyer Adrian Portelli.

The Block. Nine.

Brett and Kristy’s house was sold to a Brighton couple who were represented by Judge Marty Fox’s uncle. Leah and Ash’s house was passed over at auction and is yet to sell.

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