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Fans claim ‘conflict of interest’ after discovering Marty Fox’s uncle represented a The Block buyer

"That’s a conflict if I ever saw one"

Kristy and Brett were left devastated when the five-bedroom house they renovated earned them a profit of just $65,000 at The Block auctions.

And, with news coming to light that The Block Judge Marty Fox’s uncle Martin Fox Senior represented the buyer of house three, fans have begun to spin a conspiracy theory about the relatively low price.

The day after the auction, Martin Fox Senior shared a post of him standing alongside the winners of house three.

“EALS THE DEAL: With the right buyers advocate, you don’t have to over pay. House 3 bought via @martinfoxsnr for our very happy local clients,” it was captioned.

The post rang alarm bells for some fans, who pondered whether Martin Fox’s Senior’s inclusion in the sale was a conflict of interest, considering his nephew’s involvement on The Block as a judge.

Some questioned if Marty Fox’s harsh judging of Brett and Kristy’s house could have brought down the sale price for his uncle’s clients. For the reveals of the Studio Room, Kid’s Rooms, Master Ensuite, Backyards and Guest Bathrooms, Marty consistently gave Brett and Kristy a lower score than the other two judges, Darren Palmer and Shaynna Blaze.

“Seems they were working for the buyer!! That’s a conflict if I ever saw one,” one wrote. Another penned: “Something very off here! So the buyer’s advocate was Marty Fox’ agency? This is bulls**t.. Makes you wonder..”

Marty Fox’s uncle and The Block buyer. Nine.

How much did the other houses sell for?

Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty were the two big winners of auction day. The other contestants didn’t fare as well, and Leah and Ash’s house didn’t even sell at auction.

House 4 – Steph and Gian

Reserve: $3,350,000

Auction order: 1

Sold for: $5,000,000

Total profit: $1,650,000

House 5 – Eliza and Liberty

Reserve: $3,250,000

Auction order: 2

Sold for: $4,300,000

Total profit: $1,050,000

House 3 – Kristy and Brett

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 3

Sold for: $3,035,000

Total profit: $65,000

House 1 – Kyle and Leslie

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 4

Sold for: $3,100,000

Total profit: $130,000

House 2 – Leah and Ash

Reserve: $2,970,000

Auction order: 5

Sold for: PASSED IN

Total profit: $0

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