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Here’s what you missed: MAFS’ Bronte creates absolute mayhem for Melinda and Layton

Bronte = Miss Meddle-a-lot!

It’s episode 27 of Married at First Sight Australia 2023 and we’re heading off on the gels and boiz nights.

But before we can get glam and b**tch about our partners, the other (bar Alyssa and Duncan — because we’ve already seen THAT sh**-show) are about to reunite. Except for Layton and Melinda. Because Bronte meddled.

Bronte has encouraged our boy LayLay (after he brings her “ah-c’ya” bowls) to spend a day away from his wife — which is absolute BS, Bronte. Butt out and focus on your idiot husband, Harrison.

While the partner swap was great for Ollie and Tahnee, Lyndall realises that Cameron couldn’t communicate for s**t and tries to, well, communicate that with him.

When it fails — because, ya know, communication — Lyndall realises Cam can’t meet her emotional needs. To add to their woes, Cam has learned that his next job is hella remote, and the long-distance will certainly f**k up his relo with his wife IRL.

Melinda and Layton decide to have a night apart

Back to the s**t-fight Melinda and Layton, Melinda is absolutely distraught.

Wanting answers, she goes to find Miss-Meddle-Alot Bronte who gives Melinda a very frosty reception.

“You’re at the wrong door, babes,” and no she absolutely ain’t!

Bronte tells Melinda that Layton felt unsupported in their relationship and adds more fuel to the fire, unwilling to help the couple unite.

Melinda then visits her hubby in another suite (how many did they put on hold?!) and it does NOT go well. They decide to have a night apart to decompress.

Days since a fight. 0.

Layton and Melinda. Source: Nine.

The next day — or whenever it was filmed — the couples return to normality. i.e. fighting and struggling through their relos.

Layton returns to Melinda but she is super hurt over the previous day’s events. Alyssa has also returned; we find out she’s spent time with her son. She comes in all smiles and her new posi mindset gives Duncan hope.

Bronte fears Melinda and won’t “tolerate” being spoken to “like that ever again”

Now that the first stage of Feedback week is complete, the second stage is about to commence. Boys and Girls Night.

And while we’re thrilled to finally be at this part of the experiment, Bronte is hella scared of Melinda.

“The way that Melinda came storming in here the other day was just so inappropriate,” Bronte tells Harrison, who is surprisingly mute. “And I won’t tolerate being spoken to like that ever again. I won’t have a bar of it.”

She then tells the producers: “Girls’ night….” Giggle, giggle. “Because Girl’s nights in the past have really gone down well…” She ain’t wrong. #RIPSmashedGlassGate

Bronte. Source: nine.

Girls Night and Boys Night Recap

The brides are revelling in the opportunity to be together and support each other and discuss the nuances of the partner swap.

However, over in the land of the lads, LayLay and Harrison have a discussion which leads Layton to finally realise that ol’ mate Harry cannot be trusted.

“He’s trying to stir me up,” Layton says. “I don’t like people standing in glass houses and throwing stones.”

When Claire — armed with crystals — is getting ready, she admits that she and Jesse talk. A lot. However, given he doesn’t like confrontation, he won’t be attending da boiz night.

Meanwhile, Janelle is ready to hold Claire accountable for her kiss with Adam (f**k, remember him?!), and since leaving the experiment, Sandy has had a self-love revelation, revealing she didn’t tell her parents about Dan.

When Claire arrives, she stirs the pot by asking what she’s missed in the two minutes since she’s been gone. Just as predicted, Melinda and Bronte go head-to-head over the events of the Partner Swap.

Sandy then questions Bronte about her relationship with Harrison, saying that Harrison manipulates his Bride. Bronte storms off without saying goodbye because the truth isn’t pretty.

Claire and Janelle make peace over the kiss and are now the two best friends that ever there was.

Apart from Bronte’s exit, the Girl’s night actually seemed to go…well?! However, the same couldn’t be said for the boys…

When Adam returns to the group, he attempts an “apology” again; however, glass house Harrison decides to confront him about the lack of accountability for his ways.

And that’s what you missed…

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