Corey onMillion Dollar Island episode 9

Million Dollar Island recap episode 9: 20 thoughts I had watching the richest players battle it out

Not one, but two, of the Island's biggest players are over and out.

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia episode nine and this one is a shocker!

The ep sees two of the contestants, who undoubtedly have the most screen time, leave the comp, via an injury and a self-elimination. We also *finally* see some savage strategy in play when some very rich players are put forward for elimination.

Here are 20 thoughts I had during episode nine of Million Dollar Island Australia.

1. Rich Islander Chelsea said she’s not chasing Brett’s bracelets because he’s “earnt” them and she’s looking to work alongside him. What a twist.

2. Of course, Corey doesn’t want to go in the Elimination Challenge because he has so much money on his wrist. Playing devil’s advocate here, but is Corey unfairly using the friend card?

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

3. Wow. Vine camp has only four players left. Wild.

4. I think the who shebang about wheel-winner Jayden picking Corey being morally wrong is ridiculous. It’s a literal game, and his choices are strategic, not personal.

5. Woooooo between Jayden’s noms there is over $400k in the mix. Plus, five of his six nominations have come from his own camp. This man ain’t playing.

6. Rich words from Corey to Jayden: “You’re riding on our coattails mate, you’ve done nothing all camp, you’ve back-flipped and there’s going to be repercussions.” Corey, weren’t you the guy that Rock Camp gave basically all of their bracelets to in a move to overthrow Brett?

The Elimination Challenge

7. So lame that Corey (with all his $$$ bracelets) was the last contestant picked to roll in the challenge, meaning he has the biggest advantage. These people aren’t savage enough, if Survivor George was here he wouldn’t be playing safe.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

8. I kinda want Jayden to win this challenge because he’s the only one taking risks.

9. Welp, that dream’s over.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

10. Chelsea’s $410,000 win is spicy and I’m here for it. Corey is broke!

11. Lol @ Brett’s polite little clap when Chelsea won. I think I miss him?!

Million Dollar Island. Brett.

Post Challenge and Survival Challenge

12. Oh how kind, Kylie said that the team can feed their teammate (and wheel winner) Jayden tonight and that he’s “welcome to sleep in his bed”. Can someone tell me exactly what he did wrong?

13. OH MY. Corey’s down… and out?! He stacked it on the beach and messed up his leg. Does this mean one of the main characters is going?

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

14. Yup. Corey’s out. I bet Brett’s happy.

15. My money is on Allister to take out the Survival Challenge of building a hut. He looks like he’s done it before.

16. I take that back, Lisa’s hut is a vision of beauty.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

17. Lisa wins, and it’s pretty damn hard to argue with that decision.

The Elimination

18. Looks like Jayden is going home. Which is sad but oh well, he shot his shot. Good on him.

19. Woah, what a twist of events. Sasspot two-time wheel winner Jonathan has self-eliminated. Boo.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

20. He chose to give her bracelet to self-dubbed ‘Expedition Leader’ Karla. Double boo.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on July 10 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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