Survivor, are you ready? Meet the cast of Australian Survivor 2023

β€œIn the game of Survivor, who does it better – the hero or a villain?”

Australian Survivor 2023 is back with loyalty, honour, mateship, and a whole cast of contenders hoping to become the sole Survivor.

Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia, the reality show has returned for its eighth season, pushing returning favourites and newcomers to their physical and mental limits in the jungles of Samoa.

In this new iteration of Heroes v Villains, the contestants are competing for the ultimate prize of $500,000 with only everyday basic comforts and the clothes on their backs.

They will need to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to get to the end.

Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes v Villains is once again hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia.

In the jungle for 47 days, the Survivors have undergone Reward Challenges where luxury food and essentials have been placed on the line.

In the Immunity Challenges, the cast will play for the coveted chance to stay another day, avoiding Tribal Council, where each tribe will vote out their own.

In the game of Survivor, who does it better – the hero or a villain?

Meet the contestants competing on Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes v Villains.


Benjamin, author, broadcast journalist, writer and creator

David, AFL Legend

Flick, Season 6 Finalist

Gerry, Tourism pilot

Hayley, Season 6 Winner

Matt, Lifeguard

Nina, Season 7

Paige, Jillaroo

Rogue, Animal Activist

Sam, Season 1

Sharni, Actor

Shaun, Season 4


Anjali, Real Housewives of Melbourne

Fraser, Real Estate Agent

George, Season 6

Jackie, Season 3

Jordie, Season 7

Liz, Pole Vault Champion

Michael, Journalist

Mimi, Luxury Car Brand Manager

Sarah, Miss World Australia

Shonee, Season 3 and 5

Simon, Season 6

Stevie, Season 3

Catch Australian Survivor Sunday – Wednesday on 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

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