Alex Hall slams Brittany Snow

“Calculated:” Selling the OC’s Alex Hall slams Brittany Snow over affair implications

"She's saying certain things to get press"

Selling The OC’s biggest scandal involved US actress Brittany Snow, her (now) ex-husband Tyler Stanaland and his alleged extra-marital activities with realtor Alex Hall – and now there’s a new development.

For those of you living under a rock, Brittany and Tyler were married during the first season of the hit reality show. There were obvious flirtations between Tyler and Alex throughout the episodes, and Brittany filed for divorce shortly after the season aired.

Alex and Tyler officially started dating at the end of season two, and not long after, Brittany appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and spoke about her divorce.

Alex and Tyler on Selling The OC. Netflix.

While Brittany didn’t directly name Alex, she did say “What people think happened, happened”, leading fans to believe that there was cheating involved on Tyler’s behalf.

Alex stayed relatively quiet after the episode aired, aside from a few passive-aggressive Instagram stories, however, she’s now come out swinging.

Brittany on Call Her Daddy. YouTube.

What did Alex say about Brittany’s Call Her Daddy interview?

During a promo tour for season three of Selling The OC, Alex didn’t hold back when she was asked how she felt about Brittany’s interview.

“Her coming out and doing that podcast was clearly just to promote her own book so she’s saying certain things to get press, and obviously, she’s got a great PR team,” she told Page Six.

“If you’re going to accuse me of something, say it. Say my name and say what I did. But she can’t do that because what she’s alluding to didn’t happen,” she added.

Tyler and Alex
Tyler and Alex on Selling Sunset. Netflix.

“So I think she was very calculated with her word choice, which unfortunately was a little defamatory towards me.”

Alex went on to double down that she and Tyler never hooked up while he was with Brittany.

“The accusation and what she was implying, or what everyone took from that implication which was that there might have been something going on between Tyler and I while they were married, is completely inaccurate.”

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