Alex and Tyler

Where do Selling the OC’s Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall stand now?

Are they together?

In season one of Selling The OC, Tyler Stanaland (you know, Brittany Snow’s ex) and Alex Hall repeatedly denied that there was anything going on between them.

However, regardless of their pleas, it was clear to viewers that there was *something* there.

So, now that Tyler and Brittany’s divorce is official, did the two reality stars end up getting together?

Selling The OC. Netflix.

Where was their relationship at when season one ended?

It’s been over a year since Selling The OC season one was released, so if you’re having a bit of trouble remembering *exactly* what was going on between Alex and Tyler, here’s a refresher.

Tyler opened up about his separation from Brittany in season one, and he also addressed on camera that his co-star Kayla Cordona tried to kiss him twice.

While Alex and Tyler weren’t romantically involved on camera in the first season, they were suspiciously close in a number of scenes. There was one particular point where Alex say on Tyler’s lap and gave him her version of a ‘wet willy’.

Selling The OC. Netflix.

Why are there rumours surrounding Alex and Tyler dating?

Tyler and Alex were pictured getting dinner together on the same day that Tyler and Brittany publicly announced that they were intending to get divorced.

“I think people really want to hold onto that idea that there’s something there between Tyler and I. I mean, at this point, we’re just friends, so there’s nothing more to it,” Tyler told People at the time.

Months later, Tyler and Alex went on a holiday to Dubai and posed for photos together at Nobu Dubai at Atlantis The Palm on Jan. 20, which was just one day after Brittany officially filed for divorce.

In a promo clip for the new season of Selling The OC, their co-star Brandi Marshall spoke about the rumours surrounding a relationship between Alex and Tyler.

Selling The OC. Netflix.

“Polly was basically saying if you and Alex were in a relationship she would be fine with it, and I said I disagree,” Brandi told Tyler. “I don’t think that’s right because you’re going through a public divorce. Alex should not be anywhere attached to it. Your friendship can sometimes look too friendly.”

Tyler didn’t exactly deny the allegations in response.

“You don’t know where I’m at in my life. You don’t know my timeline. You don’t know my relational timeline,” he said.

Are Tyler and Alex together now?

You’ll just have to watch Selling The OC season two to find out!

Selling The OC season two airs on Netflix on September 8.

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