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Wait, what?! Tori has clarified that SHE actually made a MAFS Couple Swap joke about another groom

"Hopefully, I get him in the Couple Swap"

One of the most defining moments of MAFS 2024 was Jack Dunkley’s so-called joke about offering up Tori Adams if the Couple Swap task takes place.

ICYMI, Jack told fellow groom Jonathan McCullough that if he wasn’t attracted to his wife Tori, and if Jonathan were to get her in a Couple Swap task, he was welcome to sleep with her. *Shudder*

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However, Tori has now clarified that it was actually her who made a joke about the Couple Swap, and she said she wanted to be matched with another groom.

During a post-Dinner Party interview on Hit’s Pete & Kymba radio show, Tori made the rather confusing revelation.

“The joke is a joke that I actually made, and it was a shared joke between myself, Tim [Calwell] and Jack, and the joke was that I said to Jack, “Tim’s real cute, hopefully, I get him in the Couple Swap, if we do it,” she said.

“That was the joke, and the way it was recited at the dinner table was not accurate.”

MAFS. Nine.

When asked by co-host Kymba why she looked so upset when she was originally told about Jack’s comment, Tori simply answered: “It’s the wild world of editing.”

O…kay then.

Tori regrets her comments towards Cassandra at the Dinner Party

At Wednesday night’s Dinner Party, Jayden Eynaud confronted Timothy Smith over his treatment of his wife Lucinda Light, and then Tori jumped in and told Timothy he looked “smug”.

Cassandra Allen called out Tori’s comments, claiming that Timothy wasn’t doing anything wrong and Tori set her sights on Cassandra.

During a producer-led interview, Tori spoke harshly about her fellow bride. “Small bites babe, don’t come for the top. I’m sorry, there’s a f**king food chain here and you are not at the top. Shut up,” she said.

Tori at MAFS dinner party
MAFS. Nine.

Looking back, Tori told the radio show she regrets what she said about Cassandra, but not her comments about Timothy.

“I absolutely regret and have apologised to Cass both at the time and as recent as yesterday, about last night,” she said. “That was towards the end of the night, and I had a lot of rage inside me, and, unfortunately, she just said the right thing at the right time and I cracked.”

“She’s beautiful and I never should have spoken to her like that. Do I regret what I said to Timothy? Absolutely not!”

Cassandra at MAFS Dinner Party
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