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Interview: MAFS’ Cassandra reveals why she didn’t ‘gravitate’ towards certain brides

Well, that explains the Tori, Eden, Lauren and Sara group...

The MAFS Dinner Party saw Tori Adams take on Timothy Smith, as well as an unexpected battle with Cassandra Allen.

Throughout the season, Tori has appeared to hang out with fellow Brides Sara, Lauren and Eden a lot, but hasn’t seemed to have much to do with Cassandra.

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During an interview with Chattr, Cassandra revealed that she preferred to hang out with Lucinda and Andrea.

“I just gravitated towards Lucinda and Andrea a lot. And they were my people, they were my girls, they were my loves. We were absolutely just like, ‘This is our strongest friendship,'” she said.

The 29-year-old said that she also found a special friendship with one of the intruder Grooms.

“I was very grateful for Lucinda and Andrea, and then Michael comes along and he’s just beautiful and we connected instantly.”

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She said that she wasn’t drawn to some of the other brides, which with Lucinda and Andrea removed, leaves Tori, Sara, Lauren, Eden, Natalie and Ellie.

“The others, I was like, ‘Look, I’m just gonna let them do their thing, they’re not really the same energy and frequency that I’m on. I know who my people are. I’m just gonna kind of go that way.’

“I’m not one to go running into the drama and all that sort of stuff. So I was just like, ‘They do what they need to do. I’m happy over here.'”

What happened at the Dinner Party?

Wednesday night’s Dinner Party was a LOT. Firstly, Jayden confronted Timothy over his treatment of his wife Lucinda, which he didn’t approve of. Then, once that was all but done, Tori jumped in and told Timothy he looked “smug”.

Cassandra didn’t appreciate Tori’s comments about his “smug face'”, and called her out. That’s when things took a turn and Tori got stuck into poor Cassandra – but mainly in producer-led interviews, rather than to her face.

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“Small bites babe, don’t come for the top. I’m sorry, there’s a f**king food chain here and you are not at the top. Shut up,” Tori said in the interview about Cassandra.

Tori later harshly added; “She doesn’t speak, but when she does, it annoys me.”

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